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  1. LagosDirtRider

    Blown CDI Unit...Again

    Checked the grounding wire, not loose at all. Will have to go with the repair of front and back light and order another CDI unit... Any other suggestions welcome, any way of perhaps checking the amp readings, recommended values perhaps?
  2. LagosDirtRider

    Blown CDI Unit...Again

    I have just blown my second CDI unit on my 05 CRF450x much to my disgust. The second one I fitted was the aftermarket Vortex Dual Curve CDI. I have stripped all the wiring looking for a break or damage in the wires, I found nothing suspicious. My headlight did stop working and I paid no attention to it since I never needed it, the rear LED light is also broken since I grazed off the wires when I flipped the bike on the tar (I removed the wires after fitting the second CDI). Could this lack of lighting be affecting the electrical system (overload), what should I do... I am an Expat in Nigeria and any help would do since there are no shops to get advice from!