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  1. dcdave

    2009 klx250s wont crank or start

    I am thinking the battery may not be strong enough to turn the starter. Is it ok to jump start the bike from a car? Thanks.
  2. Hey all - I just purchased a new to me 2009 klx250s. Its been running great until yesterday. After riding on rocky trails about two hours the bike would not crank to start after sitting about 15 minutes. I push the start button and nothing. The kill switch is in the correct position, the lights and speedo appear normal, the bike is in neutral, the kickstand is up, I checked the fuses, and nothing when I push the start button. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Dave
  3. dcdave

    Cam chain tensioner gasket leak...

    Rant - Is this a joke or am I a dumbass - or both? I finally tried to fix the leak after reading numerous posts on the "simple" fix and feeling confident I could do it. Following the manual on removing the CCT and other posts, I attempted to find TDC by turning the crankshaft - but before I could access the crankshaft, I stripped out the Allen wrench hole on the cap covering the crankshaft (supposedly a common occurrence). So I have read you dont need to remove the cap, just turn the rear wheel to find TDC. Well how do you turn the wheel while you are looking in the hole to see if you are at TDC? I never even got to trying to remove the CCT because I could not find TDC, which I have read can be critical (dont believe everything you read?) I do not see how the simplified instructions at the top of this thread could enable a non-mechanic type to do this fix. I'll just live with a little oil leak. Cheers.
  4. dcdave

    Cam chain tensioner gasket leak...

    ok - thanks for the response. Looks like I'll have to give it a shot. Probably try the permatex gasket maker solution.
  5. dcdave

    Cam chain tensioner gasket leak...

    I got my 2004 Dr650 last spring with 9000 miles and so far its been great - except it looks like I now have this leak after riding 500 or so miles. The repair sounds simple at first - then I see it requires removal of the "exhaust, header, and removed the hard oil lines from the top of the head, and the top-right side of the engine case." Is this something someone with limited mechanical skill can do? How do you get the piston at TDC? Thanks for any advice.
  6. dcdave

    tire mounted wrong direction?

    Thanks guys for the quick responses. As I get closer to parting with my money guess I get a little freaked out. These are Michelin Anakees by the way.
  7. dcdave

    tire mounted wrong direction?

    I am looking to purchase the dr650 in this movie. Am I paranoid or is the front tire mounted in the wrong direction? Thanks for any help.
  8. dcdave

    Used DR650 purchase concerns

    Thanks all - looks like I'll pass on this one.
  9. dcdave

    Used DR650 purchase concerns

    I checked out a 2006 DR650 for sale today. I am concerned with the corrosion around the rear axle and wheel, the rusty chain, and the 1/4 inch long scratch through the paint in the dent on the tank. The guy is asking $3500. Any thoughts/comments welcome. Thanks. One more thing, the side plastic "went flying off on the highway" - see the pic where the plastic is missing. Supposedly $130 or so to replace. Thanks again for advice.
  10. dcdave

    Advice on titling a dirt bike in Virginia

    I did belong to a club in Nokesville before my son went to school this past fall. They have a decent small track and some trails - Family Off-road Riders of Prince William County. Now I dont ride much - been to Taskers Gap a few times. Greenridge is better but 2 hour drive. I may be getting a dual sport to do the Shenandoah 500 this October.
  11. dcdave

    Advice on titling a dirt bike in Virginia

    Hey Mud - I live in Vienna. Where do you ride? I am older (50) and slow but still like riding. This weekend is NVTR's annual spring trail ride down by Fredericksburg. I may be going down. PM me if you are interested in meeting up. Dave
  12. The problem is with the stem leaning I cant fit a regular bicycle tire pump on to pump up the tire, which has a slow leak. I'm planning on changing the tube to fix the slow leak and will make sure the stem is straight up. We'll see how long it stays that way.
  13. My CRF 150 F does not have a rim lock on the front wheel, just some little rubber plug in the hole where a rim lock would go. Is that stock? The tire valve stem is leaning to one side and the tire has a slow leak so I want to change the tube. What do I do about the rubber plug thingy? Does anyone have a rimlock on their 150F front wheel? Thanks.
  14. dcdave

    pro taper fans

    what happened to the post from the guy at protaperdeals.com?
  15. Hey tree luvr, Did you reinstall the float valve? Just wondering.