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  1. northfacedave

    WFO results (A & B preliminary)

    Took a photo of A & B results from yesterday's WFO...Too hard to post on D36 so I'm posting here. Dave
  2. northfacedave

    New Rekluse..horrible noise

    Call Rekluse and have them send you the anti-squeel kit...it's just a few small O-rings that need to be installed (very easy to do). I have an 08 450 exc-r and mine had the same problem. Soon as I put the o-rings it issue gone. Rekluse should include these o-rings in their kit rather than having to call and/or pay for them.
  3. northfacedave

    ICO has TERRIBLE customer service

    Oh I immediatly e-mailed them back (all department e-mail addresses listed on the web site), explained what I was requesting and about the hang-up. The service agent "Suzanne" replyed back saying they DO NOT ship out the buttons but could only repair if mailed back in. Never appologized for hanging up which was done on purpose. I don't want to spend too much energy on this but I do give either bad press or good press for service. In this case, bad customer service, excellent product.
  4. I just called to order a rubber "button" that is on the thumb switch controller. (the rubber piece popped out) The woman I just spoke to hung up on me after a discussion on sending the part to me so I can fix the part. It is not a difficult piece to fix and I would assume a company would want to satisfy a customer AND if that customer is willing to ease the work load by doing a minor repair on their own then ICO should allow this. The ICO product is excellent but I must say the customer service (Suzanne) is a rude woman. C'mon, hanging up on a customer. They must not want future repeat customers. To be fair, they did say I could send it in for repair but with races scheduled and the fact that it's a fifty cent item, good service would have sent the part out in an envelope (I did offer to pay for the part). Just wanted to pass this bad gass on to the community.
  5. northfacedave

    Would you ride a California Championship Enduro Series

    Looks like legs are growing! D36 meeting is this Saturday. I'm sure it will be discussed after all the interest. Dave W
  6. northfacedave

    Green sticker vs ca plate

    No on the steel tank. All the new streel legal bikes have plastic tanks.
  7. northfacedave

    Green sticker vs ca plate

    I have an 08 KTM exc-r (plated from the factory), pulled off all smog, blinkers, did jetting etc., basically turned it back into the full off road version. Main reason I bought the exc-r is for the plate and times I'm on a fire road to connect trails. Last week I went to DMV to get a green sticker for duel registration. Very easy to do although the DMV folks here in Marin had to look it up on how to do it. As others have said, you just fill out a form that says you understand you now have to pay two registrations (plate and green sticker). They don't change your plate registration just give you a second green sticker registration. My main reason for the green sticker is during some of the D36 races, when I get sound/sticker tested they told me I have to have my plate attached to the bike (I have mine bolted on the top of the rear fender) but figure at some point someone will argue it has to be totally "legal" and then I'd miss my race. Other reasons to get the duel is since all my smog is off, if for some reason anyone wants to argue I'm not street compliant due to smog restrictions for a plated bike I'm also green stickered just the same as the off road version without smog (spark arrester on of course). Best of both worlds as far as I can see. A few weeks ago I was finishing my ride up in the Arnold area and was on a fire road headed home. Two sheriffs had pulled over a car and were most likely arresting them for something (drugs would be my guess). As I rode up the sheriff waved me over, immediately looked to my fender where he saw the plate bolted on top. I said politely with a smile "gotta love having a plated bike", he said, "ya but you don't have everything on" where I then replied since I only ride on the actual pavement a mile or so to get home, I take off all blinkers because I end up breaking them and then I'd be in the same position I'm in now. The sheriff said he does the same thing to his bike and said no problem. Being nice = others being nice most times.
  8. northfacedave

    Would you ride a California Championship Enduro Series

    D36 I'm in. I'd be happy to help if needed. Looking at this past years schedule D37 only had 5 enduros (D36 usually has 10) the series could go something like this: 1. Jan - Johnson Valley United M/C (D37) 2. March - (Wild Boar D36 if Clear Creak re-opens...shortest drive for southern guys) or April - Sawmill Cow Mountain 3. March (Red Mountain D37 Prospectors) 4. June (Long Barn D36 Polecat) 5. October (Jackhammer D36 Stoneyford) 6. November or December (D37 Gorman or Red Mountain) D36 is pretty loaded in October and November with enduros I'd suggest a December race in D37. You also have to really look at the CC schedule in both districts not to alienate any CC guys/enduro guys who race both. At some point you can only do so much to accommodate all 4 parties but it's best for all events if possible. D37 - Redmountain and Gorman are the shortest drives from N.Cal D36 - Clear Creak (if open) is shortest drive but everything else is about an equal haul from S.Cal. I can see it happening as long as races don't conflict, one set of rules is adopted (D36 of course...) and the series fee is resonable. Dave
  9. northfacedave

    Ignition Cover 08 exc-r (aftermarket?)

    I couldn't find it?? I only see the cover for the sx, I need the exc-r cover with the oil view window. I can't believe more people have not needed replacements or wanted anodized covers or something?
  10. Any idea where to get an aftermarket ignition cover for the 08's? Anything stronger than stock? I've searched everywhere, couldn't find anything other than stock for the newer bikes. 08 450 exc-r
  11. Any idea where to get an aftermarket ignition cover for the 08's? Anything stronger than stock? I've searched everywhere, couldn't find anything other than stock for the newer bikes. 08 450 exc-r
  12. northfacedave

    Riding White Pines June 21-22

    I just rode there yesterday. Trails are starting to get a bit dusty. They cut a new trail #16 I think. Pretty good, one large tree down but makes if fun to lift your bike over. Fun for a few hours of riding unless you have a plate then you can head north on the fire roads to other riding north of Dorrington. Dave ktm 450exc-r
  13. northfacedave

    Hull Creek Campground

    I'll be riding around Arnold, Dorrington and would like to make it over to Deer Creek area or Hull. WHich is better? Anyone know how to get from the Arnold side to Deer Creek side via trails? Dave
  14. northfacedave

    530 broken chain ***!?!?!?!?

    The stock chain doesn't have a master "clip" link. They come with a pressed master. Mine did at least. I put on a 14/51 with a new chain (116 links) moved the chain guide to the lower setting and cut off a bit of the chain guide plastic cause it was still rubbing a little too much. Worked out great.
  15. northfacedave

    Compression release for 08 450?

    Check the kick starter to make sure it's not rubbing against the case (right where it attaches. Push it down by hand and make sure it's not rubbing). Mine, and others was rubbing so badly the kick starter would barley move. All I did was file a bit off the kick starter and good as gold!