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  1. KennyMc

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    All I got nowadays.
  2. KennyMc

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    The first time doing it is a blind faith deal. You can’t see around rock wall so you don’t know where the landing is. It’s so terrifying it’ll make you think about moving to Sacramento, get married and buy a house so you can’t go riding anymore.......wait, nothing is that terrifying. :hugs and kisses:
  3. KennyMc

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

  4. KennyMc

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Which one? 🤪🤪
  5. KennyMc

    Jawbone Spanksgiving

    Hmmmm, maybe get a Uber driver out and back.....
  6. KennyMc

    California Gas Tax

    Income tax isn’t the only variable one should look at when considering retirement.... https://smartasset.com/retirement/retirement-taxes
  7. I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future, if at all :crying:
  8. KennyMc

    Bishop 3 Day Dualsport Ride

    Better chance of the LHRB streetbike at this point. Not willing to call it, but its more than likely.
  9. KennyMc

    Riding partners

  10. KennyMc

    Riding partners

    Validation of his point
  11. KennyMc

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

  12. KennyMc

    Where did you ride?

    How did your daughter do??
  13. KennyMc

    Spoiler alert

    Or it’s a treadmill instead of a bike.....or 2 :crying:
  14. KennyMc

    Bishop 3 Day Dualsport Ride

    Wish I could go. It was a good couple of days riding [emoji106]