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  1. California

    Well, there was this version; And this version starring someone else: [emoji51] Two totally different scenarios 🤪
  2. The term “insane” comes to mind....(Urban dictionary definition) 🤪🤪 Grooving Heads
  3. California

    If it has the M.I.P.S in it it should be [emoji106]
  4. Wear a good helmet. Out of work since 1/25, not cleared to drive yet. Hopefully cleared by the end of this month. Out for ~20 minutes, snoring :-(
  5. I'm 9 weeks out and still not cleared to drive. I have no recollection of the crash, the ride back to the trucks, the drive home, the ER visit, the MRI on the following Tuesday or really that whole week. I still forget things in the afternoon that was discussed in the morning. I am looking forward to getting back to work in April and have some sense of "normalcy". I am going to wait until the end of this year and have an MRI done and discuss it with my Dr.'s. At that time it will be a "come to Jesus" discussion on me getting back on a bike. I have sold both my '16 501 and '17 300XC-W. Hope to pick up a 500EXC at the end of the year to start a new chapter in riding. This could have been much worse.... The VFX-EVO is their newest helmet that just came out. The VFX-W is an 8 year old design. They've incorporated their version of the M.I.P.S technology. No idea which one is better as multiple helmet vendors are incorporating some type of "shock absorber" system between the liner and the helmet skin. The one thing that is VERY important to me is the thing is not made in China. The TLD was/is so I don't care what they incorporate in the helmets, it's not for me!!!!! The EVO...
  6. Don't know if it was "nasty" but if I get another one....
  7. Best of luck to you
  8. It was a TLD SE3 version.
  9. TLD's SE4 has the M.I.P.S technology in it so it would be an upgrade to the SE3 I had But I will be getting the Shoei VFX-Evo if I am ever to ride again. The scholar's (my Dr. and Neurologist) suggest taking up golf
  10. Honestly, $70 retail price? So $40 worth of technology/material/....goes into the helmet? That just doesn't sound like an item I am willing to buy.
  11. PM sent
  12. You ride by Slash-X or Frt Irwin? 2 totally different “Barstow”.
  13. I did as well [emoji106]
  14. That appears to be from a ‘17/‘18 TE300. This is from a ‘16 TE300 which is what I used on my ‘16 501 FE:
  15. He has to pay you?