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  1. KennyMc

    Latest GPS on a budget options?

    You interested in a Garmin Montana? I have one I believe I used once. It’s the 610.
  2. KennyMc

    Snake pit 9-9-18

    Whaaaaaat? BMW? Pffft🤪🤪
  3. KennyMc

    Snake pit 9-9-18

    What bike do you have?
  4. KennyMc

    Snake pit 9-9-18

    Hmmmmm, me thinks I need to get me one of those [emoji51][emoji51]
  5. KennyMc

    Snake pit 9-9-18

    They like to be treated with a hotel stay every now and then..[emoji42][emoji42][emoji42]
  6. KennyMc

    2018 FE501 ECU Failure

    They "know" it will be worse the next time with the risk of permanency. Ultimately my decision, taking into account the family's opinion. Still not in a place to make any decisions....
  7. KennyMc

    Black Is The New Orange!

    Back in black [emoji106][emoji106]
  8. KennyMc

    2018 FE501 ECU Failure

    You buy it and I’ll thank you now.......if only I had a bike to put it in :crying:
  9. KennyMc

    Bishop 3 Day Dualsport Ride

    Had a great time up there 2 years ago. Fun weekend.
  10. KennyMc

    CA emmision regulation changes

    Maybe..... https://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/aftermkt/meetings/aftermkt_wkgrp_agenda_07-08-2018.pdf
  11. KennyMc

    Who makes the best over the glasses goggles?

    I could not stand riding with glasses so I opted to get a box of the 1-day disposable contacts. It’s like $40 for a box of 30 so you get at least 30 rides for the $40.
  12. KennyMc

    2018 AMA 450 MX Champion

    I don’t rely on it, just anticipate it. I’m hoping his winning ways continue for a long time. Very humble and personable, though shy [emoji51][emoji51]
  13. KennyMc

    Who’s next?

    Based on the comments, does no one think Plessinger has a chance?
  14. KennyMc

    2018 AMA 450 MX Champion

    How do you think it will go over under the KTM tent with Cooper under it? Watching the racing he did with MM was pretty exciting for a lap. MM thought it was so much fun he piled drove into the downed rider so he could do it again. Will it motivate MM or.....?
  15. KennyMc

    2018 AMA 450 MX Champion

    Couldn’t agree more.....