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  1. The yami is without a doubt less mantenence. Both are awesome bikes. If you keep up on your valve clearences and the regular mantainence both will last longer than you will. The yami motor has been around alot longer and there is alot of answers why the valves last longer, Ive been under the impression that the smaller valve size(5 versus) 4 is the reason, who knows. Even the sell out magazines wont argue the fact that the yami's are more dependable(even though its never in bold print). Both are great bikes when set up properly. good luck
  2. ffgman

    07 WR450 Opinions

    I had an 04 450 and now I have an 07. All I can say is there is no comparison. It feels 25 pounds lighter, has even a better more usable motor, alot slimmer also. This is the first bike Ive had a reckluse on and that made the bike even that much better. In the tight stuff is where I really feel the weight difference (or at least the much lower cg). I couldnt be more happy. The fit and finish is alot more like a honda, Less screws and more allen heads and all the same size. You wont be dissapointed.
  3. When I ride in the tight stuff I also run about 90mm sag and it turnes great. I think if you do that you be suprised.
  4. ffgman

    Is the new KLX as good as DirtBike says?

    Its still a kawasaki, I bet you it will never hold up like a yamaha.
  5. ffgman

    91 or 104 octane in my WR450??

    If you run 104 octane gas you will lose power because these bikes were designed to run on pump gas. If you want to get more power run u4. It has an octane level of around 94 but it is oxygenated whick will give you a slight power increase.
  6. ffgman

    FMF Q troubles

    I put a Q on my 04 when I had it and it did the same thing. Start by opening up the fuel screw. If that doesnt help, put a fatter pilot jet and it will cure your problems.
  7. ffgman

    What Oil?

    I run amsoil with my rekluse and have had no problems.
  8. ffgman

    How much for a suspension

    Had my 07 done by factory connection, couldnt be happier. I would recommend using a bigger shop like them or pro-circuit because they have more money for r and d, more test riders etc.Me and all my riding buddies use fact connection with no complaints.
  9. ffgman

    Oil in air filter compartment???

    Hey guys, I had a bad experiance on my 04. The crankcase breather runs down the front frame cradle down by the skid plate. It does blow air out, but if the motors off it turns into a vacuum and will suck water into your motor. I learned the hard way,I shut the motor off for a DEEP river crossing and didnt think muck about it until I changed the oil next time and it looked like milk. My 07 breather goes into the airbox and now I know why. So if you must reroute it keep the end of it very high or dont overfill your oil. The riding looks bitchin in Chile. Some of my buddies went riding in Peru and had the time of there life. Take it easy.
  10. ffgman

    07 WR450 sag

    A long flat blade screwdriver and a hammer works great from the kickstart side of the bike. Its a piece of cake, the bike will reward you after you do it.
  11. ffgman

    2007 wr 450 engine noise (Clutch)?

    and yea these motors make a lot of noise, I think this one is louder than my 04.
  12. ffgman

    2007 wr 450 engine noise (Clutch)?

    I went riding a couple of days ago and my dike actually quit running and wouldnt start. I opened the gas tank to check the fuel level and a loud suction noise came out. My gas cap breather wasnt working properly. I should have figuired this out earlier when my bike was idling eratic and fast.
  13. ffgman

    What chain lube?

    I bet you it works way better than WD-40, and when your done with your chain you can sneak the tube into the bedroom. Hell, it may have more uses than wd-40.(clutch cables, wheel bearings, steering head bearings)
  14. ffgman

    WR Steering Stabilizer?

    My scotts is on its 3rd bike and still going strong.
  15. ffgman

    oil comming out of dipstick hole 450 07

    Mine sucked in dirt for a few hours too, sucks dont it(no pun intended)! I cant believe dealers are not checking these before they go out. We ought to get a class action lawsuit going or something.