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  1. These are all good recommendations. I forgot to mention that my bike is only trail and desert ridden. No MX for me.
  2. I've got the stock handlebars on my 2005 WR250F and hate the feel of them when standing. Like I'm leaning way too far forward over the front tire. Which bend would be more comfortable when in a standing position for a guy around 6' 1" tall? Thanks in advance!
  3. How do you attach them to a 2011 F-150 without removing the bed to tighten the nuts? There is no room between the bed and cab to get a wrench for the supplied nuts. Do you have to remove the bed?? I thought these things came with PlusNuts that made installation a snap but the one I bought from Chapparal came with regular nuts and long bolts. WTF ??
  4. Thanks guys! Since I do a lot of varied riding and can only afford one bike maybe the 300 xc-w would be a better all around choice. Decisions decisions...lol
  5. Would a 200 xc-w be under powered for a guy who weighs 210 lbs without gear? I'm getting the itch to buy one but not if I'm too heavy for the bike. Any opinions???
  6. I took the bike out for a first test ride since replacing the rear spring. Now the front end is so noticeably under-sprung that I don't even want to ride it. Under normal braking and turning I thought the front end was going to fold up and throw me off.
  7. I adjusted it down to 102mm race sag and now have 20mm static sag. Do I need to lose weight?? LOL
  8. To get the race sag down to 103mm, I need to increase the pre-load, correct?
  9. Hi Dwight, The bike is a 2005 WR250f. Rear wheel travel is 12". Based on the percentages that you've indicated I'm a bit off with the setting. I am currently at 10% static and 35.76% race sag in relation to 12" travel. Should I increase or decrease the preload to try and achieve 11% and 34% targets ?
  10. I set the preload at 10mm and put it on the bike and measured the following: 109mm race sag 30mm static sag. Are these settings acceptable for riding desert and trails or should I try and adjust the race sag a bit lower?
  11. I'm putting a stiffer shock spring on my bike and want to know if I need to set the pre-load the same as the stock spring was. Once the shock is back on the bike I want to be able to adjust for Sag as easily as possible. Does anybody have any recommendations? Thanks!
  12. 1wrdad

    2008 KTM 125 sx

    What can you do on a 125 that you can't do on a 250 ? Is the 250 too much for a beginner ?
  13. 1wrdad

    2008 KTM 125 sx

    Is the 125 a good bike to learn on or would a 250 be a better choice?
  14. 1wrdad

    Race-Tech SRSS shock Spring

    I called Race Tech and it's the same spring. For some reason they have two different catalog numbers for the same item. Go figure
  15. Can someone tell me what's the difference between Race-Tech's SRSS and SRSP shock springs?