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  1. abigweasel

    00 yz 426

    I've owned a 426 for several years and it has been a great machine. I dont race it, but I do ride at Lake Elsinore and out in the desert. Bike does well in both spots. My valve job ran me about 400 bucks if I remember correctly. My bike still has the old decom lever but most guys run a 450 ex cam--that's a very sweet mod IMO. I got after coming off a cr125, weight/power took some getting used to for sure. I'd say get one...you'll love it.
  2. abigweasel

    Clutch idrag

    When cold, my clutch engagement is very grabby. The plates seem to grab and release sporadically until I can get enough movement to get going, then everything is fine. The clutch doesnt slip, just won't engage properly in 1st gear, when cold. Plates? Springs? Oil? or all three?
  3. abigweasel

    best looking 426 anyone

    Here is the best looking 426 on TT http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b1...000_0674-1.jpg http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b1...6/000_0673.jpg Its nice, but Im not a fan on the over-use of blue parts, and the red graphics.. I agree. Bought my bike with the same graphics and it just doesn't look right.
  4. abigweasel

    Off with the races...

    Thanks for the advice. I can follow that plan for sure. BTW, anyone 426ers planning on doing the Adelanto in Feb?
  5. abigweasel

    Valve adjustment gone bad...

    Yup, I had one of those "eureka!" moments. Doesn't happen very often for me, so it was pretty cool.
  6. abigweasel

    Off with the races...

    ....the steering head races that is. Next on the list of bike projects are new steering head bearings. I was able to pound out the lower race, but the top one won't budge...at all. I'm no surgeon with a torch so that seems like it will do more harm that good. Any advice?
  7. abigweasel

    Valve adjustment gone bad...

    Just for some resolution.... My bike is running at last. Turns out my intake timing was off by 1 tooth. Looked normal with an unloaded camchain, but when I cranked on the tensioner it was obvious it was off. Also, my carb was pretty gross, desert sand having got the best of it. At least that's what it looked like. Anyway, I fixed both of those things simultaneously so I'm just gonna say both were the problem. Thanks everyone for steering me right. Of course now I have a new problem....
  8. abigweasel

    Valve adjustment gone bad...

    Thanks all, now that work is over I can trying some of these suggestions. I'll check the carb....
  9. abigweasel

    Valve adjustment gone bad...

    Ya TT is a really good site. Bike had been sitting, but with carb drained. I checked the decom lever, opens and shuts fine. As for spark...it seems weak, but the plug is new, so maybe that is normal? I'm still thinking I screwed up the timing. For TDC I'm using the small vertical line that is about 2 deg clockwise from the sideways "I" shape. Is this correct? I physically checked the piston by sticking a coathanger in the spark plug hole, but ya never know...
  10. I just finished a valve adjustment (one E valve out of spec), got the timing set and of course the bike won't start. I've checked the timing at least 3 times and even replaced the spark plug but nothing. The bike is an '02 426 that has never given me any trouble starting, hot or cold. Is there something I'm overlooking, or do I need professional help?