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  1. Fastkx250

    2000 KX250 shock question

    yup...dark grey
  2. Fastkx250

    grease your fiters!

    im in the same boat....why risk it:thumbsup:
  3. Fastkx250

    Axle Grease

    you guys are $hitting me right??....What could they possibly add in grease to waterproof it???.....ITS GREASE!!!....unless they make it thicker so it doesnt wash off, by its very nature its waterproof.....remember the whole oil and water dont mix idea?...duh:thumbsup:
  4. Fastkx250

    where is FMX?!

    ya know...I actually think the reason people dislike FMX is cause early on some of the people involved (Deegan and his Mulisha) were not of the highest caliber and gave FMX a bad rap...I live in Temecula where it all started and alot of the local schools started banning anything associated with MM because these kids thought that beating up other kids was what it took to be a FMX'r. It seems that the stigma has stuck despite MM's attempts to legitamize...
  5. Fastkx250

    throttle stick

    are you sure the throttle didnt stick before???....last time i put new bars on they did not come with goo....did you clean your throttle tube prior to putting it on?...take it apart...clean both the bars and tube...clean and lube your cable and you should be cool:thumbsup:
  6. Fastkx250

    where is FMX?!

    I agree.......except for the 2 stroke remark:naughty:
  7. me too!....Im a wd40 nut....I spray a layer over the entire bike
  8. Fastkx250

    Sand Blasting Spark Plugs

    heres a tip I learned from a local shop...works perfectly!!!....stick the plug in a vise...get a propane torch...heat up the plug red hot...wire brush the ceramic....clean it off with carb cleaner....repeat...new plug every time
  9. Dude...why are you defending these douchebag sellers...are you the seller??? did you not read what they did???....get off their nuts and stick up for the guy that got screwed:thumbsup:
  10. Fastkx250

    blue, red, green, or yellow?

    green,green,blue and pink.........Barbie electric quad for my little girl
  11. Fastkx250

    Just saying Hi for first time!

    Screw you cause your in beautiful Hawaii and im in crappy Riverside........oh...Welcome:thumbsup:
  12. Fastkx250

    Works Bikes??

    Someones gone and done pissed off the kid:thumbsup:
  13. Fastkx250

    best overall all pro rider

    funny stuff:thumbsup:
  14. Fastkx250

    David Bailey

    I read the same thing...