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  1. RMZrider_211

    Concrete starts

    I'm racing at a track with a concrete starting gate/pad. What technique should I use? I'm used to starting on dirt so how does it differ from that?
  2. RMZrider_211

    polishing plastics

    Is there a product on the market for polishing plastics? Mine look dull and off-color and I'd like to shine them up:ride:
  3. RMZrider_211

    starting 2008 crf250

    Has anyone had trouble starting their 08 crf? I have had random trouble since I bought it and can't figure out why. Sometimes it will start on the first kick, other times I have to push-start it, and sometimes it won't even start then. Its very random, doesn't have to do with temp or whether its been running or not. Any ideas?
  4. RMZrider_211

    frame care

    I bought a 2008 crf250 about 3 months ago. I live in Minnesota, and was driving to an indoor track with my bike in the back of my truck. I think some road salt may have gotten on the frame and I didn't notice it. The lower cast part has oxidization on it and I don't know how to get it off. Any advice? (I don't want it to look like chrome)
  5. RMZrider_211

    Spring rates for CRF250

    Ok thanks. Any one else have an opinion...
  6. RMZrider_211

    Spring rates for CRF250

    Last season I switched to softer springs on my 05' CRF250. A local Pro-Action mechanic installed them for me. He recommended 0.41kg/mm springs in the forks and a 4.5kg/mm spring in the shock, so he put those in. I gained a little weight and got faster by the end of the season, and the suspension was feeling soft. I was bottoming a lot and leaving rubber marks under my fenders. I bought an 08' CRF250 (0.46kg/mm forks and 5.3kg/mm shock) and the suspension is really stiff for me. What springs should I put in my 08'? I am a novice rider, I wiegh 135lbs., and am 5'7''. I am also planning on having the suspension revalved.