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  1. southerlin55

    Should I enter in beginner or C class?

    No man i get like top 5
  2. southerlin55

    Should I enter in beginner or C class?

    This is one of the novice riders in colorado.... http://vimeo.com/10243196
  3. southerlin55


    Actually My nautical star has meaning to it. both my grandpa and my dad have nautical stars on the same place. The nautical star when placed on your forearm with a star point aiming at your thumb is sapost to help guide you. This is the sailor meaning of the star as my grandpa and dad are both x-navy they received the star to help guide then safely home. I had the star put on my arm because i was getting into trouble and ended up in jail and the star is saposta help guide me away from that life.
  4. southerlin55


    Here are mine My next tattoo is going to be praying hands only the hands will be motocross gloves and will say " Go Fast, Dont Fall Down" around it
  5. southerlin55

    Is the FMF SST any good

    I switched from the FMF SST pipe to a Pro-Circuit works pipe (sponsorship reason). But i will never look back regardless of sponsorship. The Pro-Circuit has a better overall feel then my sst in my opinion.
  6. southerlin55

    HD GoPro Hero Wide

    here are a couple of my friends vids with the GoPro HD http://vimeo.com/10243196 http://vimeo.com/9902927
  7. southerlin55

    Colorado Rampart/717 conditions

    Any one know the condition of rampart? I dont got the money to ride at a track this weekend so was thinking about riding rampart or 717 area!
  8. southerlin55

    Videos of excellent riders??

    Here is a vid of local pro Ben Giese... national number 567. Youtube took the music off but u can still tell that he rips.
  9. southerlin55

    Go Karts in the Denver Area

    There is a new indoor go cart place in centennial that is a indoor cart rental. They are pretty fast and fun! they just opened not to many people know about it yet. http://www.speedraceway.com/
  10. southerlin55

    Old JS7 125 vid

    The way he wheeled that signal was so sick!
  11. southerlin55

    Post pics pics of your 110's,& fiddy's

    My old pitster...
  12. southerlin55

    Bog Issue / Top End Hours

    I thought it could be gas as well. I drained the tank and ran brand new gas today. 4 gallons of 91 and 1 gallon of 101. How do u check crank seals?
  13. southerlin55

    Bog Issue / Top End Hours

    I have a 2008 YZ250 and actually have 2 questions. 1) How many hours do u guys put on your top end before changing it. Mine has about 15hrs (all practice with one race). I am a top 10 B rider and only ride track. 2) I have a bog issue that only accrues when i roll on the throttle from nothing to fully tapped. If i go nothing to half it dosent bog at all. If i go no throttle straight to WOT there is no bog at all (not a gradual roll). I noticed today that it also boged when i was out for the first lap right after they prepped the track coming out of a wide sweeper turn that leads right into a uphill the bike boged for a quick second then took off. I though it was carb issues maybe something was effecting the switch from pilot to main jet so i took it apart and cleaned it out. Didnt find much inside the carb there was a little bit of gunk in the pilot jet. After the carb clean i put the bike back together and test road it out in the pasture and it is still bogging. When the bike does bog if i hold it at wto and dont let off the thing will bog for days it dosent stop. There was only one time when it revived itself from a bog. If i pull in the clutch and try and make it bog by rolling on the throttle it wont do it. I found that after it bogs if i stop and rev the bike letting it hit the limiter a couple times i can go for a couple corners before it bogs again. My bike is ported and polished has a pro circuit works pipe and a shorty silencer. I replaced the top end 15 hours ago. Mix my gas 50:1 and i am running the right jets for the altitude in co using the 1% per 1000FT rule. The bike has always ran fine and i has never had the siltiest hesitation. This just started happening. any help or ideas would be appreciated! Thanks tyler
  14. southerlin55

    Where did all the used YZs go?

    we have seen a crazy increase in the number of 250 2storkes here in CO. because they are killing the local 250F classes on them... this weekend at the local race in the 250F pro class there was 4 250 2t out front and about a 5 second gap to the first 4 stroke.
  15. southerlin55

    WATKINS MX track.

    dont let off on the face of the jump it will make u endo because its so abrupt. if you can clear the whole camel back, or the left side of the split lane section then u can do the big table.