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  1. jefeinlb

    klx450r who has high miles

    Getting some pretty good deals (I think) I spent about $650. Local shop quoted me $850-900 if they did it.
  2. jefeinlb

    klx450r who has high miles

    Quick update - I went ahead and did the top end and found the intake valves in pretty bad shape, especially the right one, pretty deep grooves. The piston and bore looked really good, but I decided to put in a new piston while I was there. It's was a fair bit of work to get it torn down that far and not that much more for a new piston, rings, and pin. Runs and starts great again.
  3. jefeinlb

    klx450r who has high miles

    3750 Miles on my '08. I've done oil changes about every 200 miles and I clean the air filter every trip. Adjusted the valves at 200 miles and they didn't need adjustment for another 3500 miles. The motor is stock except for an AIS kit, a JD jet kit, and a stock '08 KX450 exhaust. The bike has been super reliable with mostly desert miles on it and some D37 Enduros. Started getting hard to start last trip (when cold) so I checked the valves this weekend and found the right intake zeroed out. Left intake at about .001" below minimum spec. Local shop says, based on their experience, if it's zeroed out it's probably done and I should do a valve job. They said I can adjust the valves, but it won't last long. And while I'm there I might as well do the piston. Looking for others experience (and opinions)
  4. jefeinlb

    kx65 mileage

    I just bought a KX65 for my son and we like to do longer rides. Who makes the tank you mentioned?
  5. jefeinlb

    KLX 450R Aftermarket Exhaust

    I Really Thought About Putting A After Market Muffler On But You Know I Really Like The Quite Exhaust. I Put The Pro-moto Billet Performance Tip In And It Made A Big Difference In Power But It Is Still Nice And Quite. My Chain Rattles, Ireplaced The Junk Chain Guide With A Nice T.m Designworks One And It's Great. I Installed The J D Jetting Kit For The Bike, Removed The A.i.s. And Installed A Rekluse Pro Z-start. Changed The Bars And Mounts To 1 1/8" And Put A Gpr Dampner Set Up On It. Richard Did you replace the chain slider as well? That's where the noise seems to be coming from on mine.
  6. jefeinlb

    KLX 450R Aftermarket Exhaust

    Has anyone put an aftermarket exhaust system or slip on muffler on their KLX 450 yet? They bike is pretty darn good stock, but I was just curious to know what people have tried and what the results were. It would also be helpful to know if you made any jetting changes with the new exhaust. One other thing, I've got about 450 miles on mine now and I seem to be getting a ton of chain noise? I've checked and adjusted the chain to the factory spec but it's still really loud, especially if you're lugging it a little bit. Anyone else experiencing this?