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  1. I did a crf450 rear fender on my bike. I remade the rear fender support bracket to fit snug under the crf fender. Then mounted a led brake light and lic plate bracket to it. Took a few hours to complete and a lot of trimming of the crf fender.
  2. Iv hit 85-90mph if I'm lucky with 15/45 gearing according to my speedo. Now that's also not me pegging it off the rev limiter. I'm not looking to locking the motor up anytime soon.
  3. Yea I want to get a different tank anyways. Few more pics.
  4. Here's my 97' XR650l, CRF fender conversion done in the rear and front so far really.
  5. Is that place big? I am down in Albany, but theres no where to ride out here.
  6. Started the bike up a few times today. It seems like its getting better. It fires on the 3rd or 4th kick now. Still takes a few kicks before it stays running.
  7. Thanks for the link. That almost makes me want to try rewinding the coil.
  8. What would be considered to high of a resistance in the stator?
  9. This what I was thinking. So the 91 up stator works fine on the 86 correct?
  10. Thanks for the help guys. I will pick a new plug up today for it. The bike runs good, don't hear t much engine noise. I just picked this thing up for $500, so I am happy it runs. The air filter looks brand new. I am going to take it out today and clean/oil it anyways though.
  11. Just picked up a 86' XR600R a few days ago. The bike was sitting for 2 years. I cleaned out the carb and jets. Put a new plug in it and some 93 octane gas. The bike would only fire maybe twice out of an hour of kicking it over. I decided to push start it instead. It started right up on the first push. The bike runs good and idels great. I did notice that when you snap the throttle quick it kinda bogs. I checked the spark, and it looks kinda weak. Is there anything that I could do to get it started easier? mY buddies 85' 650R starts up on the 1st kick . Thanks in advance!
  12. The forks on a Z50 are wider then the Xr/crf. You would have to swap over the xr's front end to the Z50. I bought new bar clamps for my Z50R and put bmx bars on it. Since the original bars have U-bolts welded to them. You can find bar clamps on ebay from any older bike.