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    CRF230...think its right?

    Thanks alot for your input Crf230 Rider. I think that this bike is right for me. I have been riding for a very short period of time on a very old 125. Its more of a motorcycle than a dirtbike. But I've got the basics, like use of the clutch, braking, throttle control. I just need a real dirtbike so I can hit the trails and learn some more. And I hear this is a great learning bike, so why not.
  2. 4StrokeBloke

    CRF230...think its right?

    I'm a trail rider, but nothing too tight and technical. I like to hit the occasional MX track but there aren't many close by. So, I buzz around the fields, creeks, trails, and woods close to home. So, I am in need of a bike to handle these riding conditions. I have been looking at the CRF230F, but I'm wondering about its weak areas. I like the 230F because it is geared toward trails. Its got a big gas tank for longer outings and requires very little maintenence (when compared to MX'ers.) But, the suspension on the 230 is not so good stock. I've heard people say it is too soft and can nose-dive when just braking. Plus, the backend is known for bottoming out dangerously when taken off the smallest jumps and bumps. Also, a minor problem is there is only an electric start and no backup kick starter. I could always push start it but that may be hard if I am on a hill, in sand, etc. So, should I go with this bike and put a little money into fixing the suspension issues? Or is there another alternative?