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  1. Mine is bogging a little but not to bad, like the rest I have new top end and replaced the header pipe gasket and the silencer/header gasket, new reeds, rebuilt power valve, getting alot of smoke at start up and it is dripping a little from both new gaskets...(black oil) What if you overfill your oil, may have to much (3/4 quart)....
  2. I live in R.I. but work in Walpole MA. I will have to take a ride thru Franklin to see where they ride. At one time you ride in Coventy R.I. but they are getting real sneaky (police posing as riders, and they come right up to you and you never see it coming). We use to ride in Milford (exit 20 off route 495) I had my quad registered and they never bothered with us, that was 2 yrs ago not sure if you still can......
  3. Where do you ride in Franklin? Any safe places to park...Thanks....
  4. I live in Warwick R.I. and just got a CR125 and would like do a little riding myself before it gets to cold. I have a friend that rides at a track in your town (I think it is closed for the year) somewhere but not sure where....let me know if you want to meet up....
  5. Yes I do, its about 2 miles from me. It does get cold here but toay it was 60 degrees which is very warm for this time of year. What bring you to can email me if you to later...
  6. I live in Warwick, I just got a cr125r and would like get a ride or two in before it gets to cold. Are you moving here soon?
  7. Not really, I live in R.I. and no leagal places. You have to go to Mass. and register.....