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    Suzuki Tranny help!!?!?!?

    Went riding last weekend only to have major problems...I was crusing flat out only to loose my chain. I came to a stop and began to untangle the chain from the front sprocket..I noticed that I didnt crack the case that the case saver saved me jejejej...Anyways got the chain back on and limped back to camp and loaded it and went home...The next day I checked the damage one more time and didnt see anything major...But when the chain is on it seems that the chain had a tight spot to where the bike wouldnt budge..So then I tried to adj the chain but got the same thing..Next I just took off the chain and moved the front sprocket by hand..Well seems to moved about a half turn then it would bind up(lock)..Unless you spin the sprocket fast then it wouldnt bind but you will hear a clunk...Iam thinking I bend a shift fork or so I hope...What kind of damage Iam looken at and how much????? thanks for your hel