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  1. BrokenSpoke2

    Motocross Canadian Nationals Online?

    Is there any way to watch these online here in the States? I loved when Speed had them on TV but more than anything, I miss the racing.
  2. The point is, for my situation anyway, I'm not going to add more money to my cable bill just to watch a couple of motos per month. At least last year the second moto was on regular tv instead of NBCSports.
  3. BrokenSpoke2

    Your Advice for Stewart!

    Quit before you end up in a wheelchair
  4. I tried ATF Type F in my '04 KX250 and it didn't seem to shift as well. I know many folks have tried it, and love it, It just didn't work for me so I went back to Bel-Ray.
  5. BrokenSpoke2

    Stewart sucks because his bike is crap

    Bike is the problem, bike is not the problem, I don't know. What I have noticed is that the taller riders like Milsaps, and for a short time Dietrich, seem to have less problems with the bike. I have absolutely nothing to base that on other than what I see on tv.
  6. BrokenSpoke2

    Corcs 2012

    We should at that. He just started inline hockey on Saturdays so we won't be able to make the kids races until the June race.
  7. BrokenSpoke2

    Downed Rider at the 1-15-12 VDR HS?

    Maybe it's the desert racer in me but if I saw someone hit the ground and rag doll like that rider did, I'd stop to see if he was OK. If he wasn't, then my race is done and I stay with the rider until help arrives.
  8. BrokenSpoke2

    Spodes racing in the park

    Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_xTXO78yVE
  9. BrokenSpoke2

    Corcs 2012

    He'll be in the Mini 3, 65cc Two Str. / Up to 125cc Four Str., 12 Yrs. Max class. He's only 10 and will be on a KTM 65
  10. BrokenSpoke2

    Corcs 2012

    My racing days are behind me but I plan on taking my son to the CORCS races. The ones we make, I'd be happy to help anyone pit.
  11. BrokenSpoke2

    Jimmy's officially gone

    Might want to take a look at this: http://ss-offroadmagazine.blogspot.com/p/renew-your-subscription.html Very off road / Baja focused
  12. BrokenSpoke2

    VDR HS round 4: Sunday 12/11

    Those aren't bumps, they're bimps. Bumps are much bigger! Just kidding.
  13. BrokenSpoke2

    Question about Aztec

    Maybe when he gets faster I would be comfortable with that but not right now. I had to hang it up this April do to injury so I know the community very well, raced off road for almost 30 years, and you're right they are good people. In the interim, I think I will take him to Aztec and see what he can do on the unused track as Thorny mentioned.
  14. BrokenSpoke2

    Question about Aztec

    I knew the track layout changes frequently but I didn't know the unused portions were open to ride. I will have to check it out. Thanks!
  15. BrokenSpoke2

    Colorado Question about Aztec

    Do they ever kick the big bikes off the track and allow the kids / mini's to practice by themselves? From what I can tell on their website, they don't. I know I would take my son there every chance I had if for 20 minutes every two hours, the track was open for mini's only. There is no way I would send my son out on the track on his 65 if there are big bikes around. My guess is that if Aztec did have a scheduled mini only practice, and publisized it, they would draw a pretty good crowd. Right now my son is limited to the kids track at Watkins, sometimes we go to Berthoud and he rides the kids track there, but short of doing SRAC or RMXA next year there is no opportunity that I am aware of to get him on the main tracks safely.