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  1. I've replaced many upper clamps on our 125s, even a minor get-off twists them. Take your top clamp off and set the bottom surface on a mirror, try to rock it, if you feel any movement the clamp is twisted.
  2. Black/wet plug = way too rich. If your at sea level try - 400 main, top clip on needle, 37.5 pilot. Air screw @ 2, Run 32:1, #9 plug and use a fresh air filter.
  3. Curious. Do ya think the added torque (from the smaller front) on the output shaft would affect the seal and/or transmission internals?
  4. wymx is out for the rest of the season with a detatched frontal lobe. Forgot to put in my picks AGAIN.
  5. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=879348 It's stickied at the top, under KX and KDX FAQ.
  6. When it comes on the pipe you should get a harder hit. Say hello to the powerband!
  7. Motocross

    Beast? Nah Bird? Nah He got up because he could. Good for him.
  8. service manual 37.5 and 35 pilot jets tires
  9. Here's what MXA had to say about the '05. I believe the '07 is the same bike.
  10. http://www.kawasaki.com/DefaultFrame.aspx?strContentUrl=/SITE/VIVEHICLEINFORMATION/VICHOOSEVEHICLE.ASP
  11. At 5700' I run a leaner straight section and a leaner cutaway, can't remember if my pilot is 32.5 or 30. Also, I have run PC works and platinum pipes with no problem down low. At one time I tried the Vforce2 where the petal tension was adjustable for high OR low rpm response, I threw it away.
  12. Stock is less "offensive" in the sound department, but the Shorty gives a little more power down low.
  13. Supercross

    Shorty on a 350, pointing over K-Dub. No surprise but, K-Dub for continuing to be the most respectable man in SX. May he never retire.
  14. 52 teeth might be OK for tight woods but it's gotta spin like crazy if your not careful. I ride ax at home and some mx, lately I've been running 13/50 and it does give a broader pull through the gears.