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  1. I actually thought of the 17"s with rains...but I'm not totally sure of the rules for the class, as they do have a supermoto class(but I assumed it's for the bigger bikes). I thought bt45's might work, but I'm not sure. I'll look into the 'wings though, thanks. J
  2. ok, I've found a place locally that I might be able to race in, it looks like fun, and they're just down the street from me (could almost just push my bike there). Are there any specific tires that I can use on my stock rims that would be good for flat track? When I look up tires for flat tracking on a search engine, I find tires that are of course way to big as they're meant for the big singles and twins. Much appreciated. J
  3. out of curiosity, what exactely does the frame craddle help with? J
  4. sweet thanks for the link!
  5. Hello, I'm new to dirt biking, I come from a road race background. I got a DRZ125l just to have some fun and train a little in the off season, as I don't ride on the street anymore. I love off road riding now, and see what I've been missing. I wanna try flat tracking, what are the usual mods done to a bike like mine? Will they make it less trail worthy? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, J