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  1. dirtbird

    2017 250rr suspension

    Yes I should use a plastic plumbing tool but I never made it to the hardware store and remembered about it...the tube I use its coming from an old Ikea lamp and as it is metal, I am extra careful especially with the uppers. But I use it mostly to push the paper out. I use (but in short bursts) the MAXIMA susp. cleaner. Do you remember cleansing kits we were using for vinyl records? Its smell is quite similar.
  2. dirtbird

    2017 250rr suspension

    +1 but the brake cleaner I use its not exactly cheap (but still a bit cheaper than the suspension cleaner). I tried a cheap brake cleaner (same quantity - half liter)) and I barely cleaned one fork with it. Normally it lasts for two.... I also use it for cleaning the springs. I spray a little from a distance and then I use paper form the inside of the coils, not just wiping the outside. I also use a 'paper ball' for the tubes (upper and lower). Many pieces of paper together so it is tight when inserted on the tube. Then I push it with a long small dia tube. Especially the lowers of a CC fork are very hard to clean as all the debris is found around the bottoming tube.
  3. dirtbird

    Beta quality slipping?

    You are welcome to like your KDXs and remember it or still riding it and I am really happy for you if you are still enjoying it. I know very well the first 200 water cooled ones as many friends (at least 2 close ones) owned and raced one at the time (1988 the first deliveries) but... it was never among the most reliable off road bikes back then. It was not bad either but it did have problems with its power valve (KIPS) breaking and stop working (in general Kawasaki's power valve function was not very reliable - in other models like the trailie KMX200 it was burned through the exhaust) while it weasn't rare to have the engine seized with the source of the problem being the very tight bridge on the exhaust port IIRC. Nevertheless I would still prefer it than any KDM200 I have rode or the WR200 (which personally i found it a worst bike than my DT200R in which it was based).
  4. dirtbird

    200rr or ????

    Why would i do that? Ive got a 99 steely fully woods bastardized into an X equivalent. I'll buy an X when they put a button and light on it. If i had new dirt bike money the 200 wouldn't have the balz i'm lookin for, I'd be on a Whyte tpi 2fiddy. If balz means ballz, then you're looking into a whole new success story with the 2 pitty...
  5. dirtbird

    200rr or ????

    Yeah that Shrub guy is a total thread derailer. Keep on topic Shrubitup! If not the 250x then what's the "or"? Get your 'X'. You'll be happy. We'll be happy. For both of us....
  6. dirtbird

    Show me your...BETA !

    Memory lane thanks to my fb account... This is a pic of my then new 2013 RR300, exactly 6 years ago. It was the first of the 'Best Bike Ever' series....
  7. dirtbird

    Spring Identification

    IMO anything above 0.46 fork springs in a 2 stroke will feel very stiff. Another thing that is suspect is the fork oil height. You just can't measure that on a CC fork. Regarding spring rates, the best way is to have them measured on a spring dyno but until you find one you can also use this: https://www.acxesspring.com/spring-calculator.html. There's also an application to use on your smart(ish) phone. Be very careful measuring the wire diameter as it is very critical on the fork springs. On the shock spring subtract 0.1-0.2 mm to compensate for the paint. Use also 'Music Wire' on the material selection.
  8. dirtbird

    Beta quality slipping?

    Yes but how far?
  9. dirtbird

    Oil injection first startup?

    You can't run the after sales support business with axioms.
  10. dirtbird

    Oil injection first startup?

    What makes you think that I imported my bike from US? 😉
  11. dirtbird

    Oil injection first startup?

    Ok you've read about, now its time to see... and also see the side effects.... Early 2017 RR300 (with the old style switch gear). 56 hrs, ridden more in dusty conditions, 15 months old (when this happened). The 4th RR300 that I owned (after 2013 RR300, 2013 RR300 Racing, 2014 RR300 Racing). Beta is great on supporting their customers, however on this they blew it. They should have come up with the improved sealing plugs from 2016 after the first X-trainers failures. Instead of writing nonsense on an international forum *, the least you could do is to upgrade your plugs to 2018 specs+. By the way... do you really have more than a dozen RR 2T in Estonia? ps *: this counts as well for my fellow American forum contributors. But you're taken care of....one way or another...
  12. dirtbird

    Beta swing arm guards?

    For God's shake..... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythonidae Did you use to have any cats or dogs?
  13. dirtbird

    Oil injection first startup?

    Mine was working fine until it didn't. Then the engine seized. Then Beta paid the parts and I did the work (and paid the machine shop to pull apart the cranck, replace the con rod and then to press it back together). Then I put engine and new plugs (diodes and condenser) back to make sure that the system works OK. Then I removed the system. I learned how to and how to not get my engines seized when I was young. This should have never have happened. To me.....
  14. dirtbird

    What you want for Christmas for you and your bike?

    Small ones or big ones? 😁
  15. dirtbird

    I'm a believer! Motion Pro fork alignment tool

    If I understand correctly your question, then no. The part of the uppers that for sure is not tapered is the triple clamp area but also top clamp is usually smaller diameter than the bottom. However the uppers and the lowers have different diameter but the same center. The MP tool is essentially a twin V-block which can accommodate various tubes so you measure and compare distance from center to center. With the telescopic ruler you use, you measure distance from the perimeter so you have to subtract the difference of the diameter. Again I doubt that you will have an accurate measurement since the ruler should be at a right angle in 3 dimensions and here we measure millimeters. The V-block style tool is self aligned...... Edit: just checked again your photos. What we are trying to to achieve is to have the same distance (center to center) between the top and the bottom of the forks. You just measure the uppers.