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  1. Check the muffler.
  2. You seem to forget the euro-USD exchange rate and the current trend.....
  3. HDR all you need is a week with a Husqy 449/511. And long enough rides where you will need to refuel. Hey that's a 190. I need at least 5cc min to consider it a 200.....
  4. They talk about the geometry and consequently the timing that is built in the power valve blades. Main exhaust port does not open together with boosts and that's how the 250/300 has always been. Maybe they modified this timing.
  5. Its just Christmas time.....
  6. The new OPEN cartridge fork...... Left (on the drawing) fork carries mid-valve and rebound damping as well as ...... .....spring preload while right fork has only compression (my wording is on purpose vague)... Not sure from this drawing if there is a base valve present (it could be hidden inside the axle lugs but it should be shown as this is a cutaway drawing). Anyway, this is not similar to the XPLOR forks and if all the compression damping happens as we see it then I guess that the compression adjuster will give a noticeable range of adjustment (unlike the XPLORs). Am I missing a check valve?
  7. Be prepared.....
  8. 2017 enduro bikes production:10468 units (53+%).... RR4T: 33% RR2T: 67% https://www.facebook.com/rebelfactory/videos/1946116068734683/
  9. Are you trying to confuse each other? The 2018s (at least the 2 strokes) have a new star shifter and retaining spring. That's located behind the clutch basket so there is fairly enough work to get there but not engine splitting. S Dude, of course a new PEDAL shifter would make things better for you since you didn't like it in the first place, imagine now that it is straightened 5 times (and soon it will break foreva)
  10. http://www.rebelxsports.com/new-2019-beta-rr-200cc-2-stroke-and-model-range/ New forks... Comp adjustment on the one, rebound on the other. Let's wait to see the details inside... And the fork guards are new, let's hope they fit the older forks.
  11. Check also Meteor pistons (Italian as well). They are available from Innteck. Not sure if they have a 2018 piston though...
  12. No, I was just joking after being fed up waiting for the new bikes. Arrow is considered a quality company and in the far past they produced some very nice full 2 stroke exhaust systems for bikes like RGV 250, RD 350 etc. Didn't know about the trials... I also had their full titanium system on my 2012 RR498 and it was very well made. ZF is the main company and is generally known as ZF Sachs. They are also OEM supplier of auto boxes. Forks and shock are updated and it was communicated before that the shock will offer more stable damping when hot. I guess we'll know better after reading the press kit today or tomorrow. I agree with Steve that by choosing local suppliers, they are not open to exchange rate fluctuations and also its easier to control volumes for the manufacturing line. However right now exchange rate is favourable to euro.
  13. Arrow exhaust, new shock, fork guards look new as well. As I said, you have to wait until Christmas....
  14. Latest news The 2019 models are canceled. Instead they will be be 2020 models which will be available - both RR & RACE - on dealerships allover the world on December 2018. ALL models (2 and 4 stroke) will sport EFI but inside the box it will be an OI cancel kit together with a Keihin carb (PWK). No word yet for KYB internals for the Sachs forks.....
  15. Google translate working overtime....