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  1. I read a lot of that thread. Lois of great info. I used a timing light
  2. Howdy, I was checking my timing as I wasn't really happy with my power delivery. Set at TDC the timing marks don't line up by quite a bit. . Plus I am fully rotated anticlockwise on the stator. I haven't pulled the flywheel yet to check if the woodruf key is there. Does it look normal? ? Thanks all
  3. Just seen behind the flap too. Lots of wear there. As you say foam blocks will sort that out
  4. Did You tighten any spokes recently or have a wheel rebuilt? I am guessing it's the standard hub n rim?
  5. Chaps, take a look at the routing of the wire going to your starter motor, where it passes under the carb mine had nearly worn thru the insulation. They will need some protection here or you will be buying spare parts.
  6. I had a pair of these on a 05 tm before and loved them. . It's the main reason they are even being considered. There Is a dealer here with lots of ohlins experience so service & parts ain't a problem. He said those ohlins will run rings around the sachs. He has lots of sachs experience aswell. (Irish tm importer) I'll open them up for a look and if they are in order I'll swap over the front end and see how they go. Barrrrrrruuuuuuppppp!
  7. Some images
  8. Good work Davey. Keep the wire tight!
  9. Howdy, I have the option of putting a ohlins front end on my 250rr. Only issue is the fork is from 2004 - has anybody opinions on just how much open chamber forks have moved on since then. Fork is off a tm, triple clamps are the same dia. I'd just swap the whole front over
  10. It's not 100 percent. The 6 and 2 o clock pins are good the 11 o clock one is slightly off but can be pushed thru the foam. There is lots of coverage on the plastic cage so I am not worried about dirt getting in.
  11. Availability exactly.... Why wait a week on a filter.. Arnt ktm filters all the same on the modern bikes 2 & 4 strokes. . Not sure which one I got but definitely a modern ktm.
  12. Honda crf Gear selector and ktm filter
  13. Yep is the same distance. The toe piece is slightly longer. I'll try upload a snap
  14. Honda new crf rear sprocket For the 13rr's