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  1. Try a taller set of handlebars so you dont crouch too much.It might help.
  2. Hi guys, i own a 2008 KX250F and the previous owner was much heavier than me.I am planning on getting the correct spring rates for my weight but right now cant afford it so was wondering since i have to change fork seals right now is there a way to make it feel a little softer (maybe by putting less or thinner oil)???? Thanks
  3. Hi guys,i'm planning on changing my trailer and building one from scratch to my own needs and was searching for a strapless system that i might be able to use. I've seen many different types but noone seems to use this one . I cant figure out exactly how it holds the bikes in place and if you check the video, they guys move around the bikes to fit them all in the trailer.Wont they move around on road bumps or fast turns too? Any info would be appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, does anyone know if the fastways that fit a 2007 KX250F would fit on a 2008 bike? Thanks
  5. My 2nd ride on my KX250F
  6. Kx250f 2008
  7. This is what i'm getting for my 08.
  8. Thanks guys.Took it out on a practice track yesterday and i have to say that i really liked it.I'll just throw in some bar risers and it should be perfect!!
  9. Here is my new bike. KX250F 2008.Got it yesterday abd now its ready for tomorrows practice:ride: By the way this is my first ever Kawi and i think i'll really enjoy it!!
  10. I need opinions about the bikes in the photos non generaly!!Thanks in advance!!
  11. I know but the Kawi is an 08 and looks mint!!!
  12. Well my favorite color was Red up to now!!LOL I'm between the SXF and the KXF but the Kawi is an 08.I think i will have to decide once i check them in person. Any ideas on which one is considered to be more bulletproof?
  13. I can only ride them around the block just to see that everything works as it should.