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  1. cyclesetc

    Gas Gas sm 450

    I would like to thank everyone for adding to this thread, all the info is very usefull !! Any info on a real exhaust?
  2. cyclesetc

    Gas Gas sm 450

    The dealer is not very good at aftermarket stuff or info. My '05 is great, small oil leak at head cover, but runs and works great. I just need a good info on service tips and parts.
  3. cyclesetc

    Gas Gas sm 450

    I have just purchased a 2005 sm450 new from a dealer. I am looking for any and all info on tech tips, aftermarket parts, upgrades etc. My son and I will be racing it at Loudon, NH roadrace track as well as some dirttrack events and super moto. Does anyone know if any other wheels will fit? I will be adding another set of 17's and a set of 19's for dirttrack.