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    Riding the wide open Baja with my friends.
  1. Baja Guy

    WR250F Competition Kit

    Here ya go, this should show you what to do. http://www.thumpertalk.com/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-15581-0-24032100-1423593511.jpg
  2. Baja Guy

    Converting a 2015 WR250F to a YZ250FX

    I bought a battery tender, but haven't need it at all. It's always charged and ready to go. The LI batteries are great and they say will stay charged for a year.
  3. Baja Guy

    Converting a 2015 WR250F to a YZ250FX

    You can save a few pounds by changing the stock battery to an Antigravity Lithium Ion 401: http://antigravitybatteries.com/ag-401 I did this on my 2015 WR250F set up for Baja and it's worked great all winter down here.
  4. Baja Guy

    WRF 2015 engine maintenance light flashes

    I've got a 15' wr250f. My owner service manual lists fault code 14 as "intake air pressure sensor: hose system malfunction (clogged or detached hose)" Repair or replace the sensor hose. This is section 9-38. If it's not the hose it goes on to "Deflective intake air pressure sensor". Hope this helps
  5. Baja Guy


    Which Rotella, T, T5, T6. I'm not sure which Rotella is for diesels only? Petroleum, synthetic, or blend?
  6. Picking up my new 2015 WR250F this week. Dealer is adding GYTR ECU, FMF exhaust, and Antigravity LI battery. Any thoughts on what to do with the new OEM parts? ebay, TT classifieds? A few bucks would be better than storing them in the garage gathering dust.
  7. Baja Guy

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    Thanks flat4, I'd be interested in the non-shroud tank as well...not crazy about adding width and weight up front. May just wait on a tank.
  8. Baja Guy

    '15 wr250f Free mods and aftermarket support

    That's a great question, and the same one that I have...too lean is NOT good. I won't be getting my new WR250F until next month so I've been reading everything I can find on the new WR. I think every review I read talked about the bike being too lean off the bottom into the mid range as it comes from the factory. Since all US bikes meet California emission standards and have the locked ECU, it seems that the only way to open up the low/mid range is changing the ECU and re-mapping. Not sure where you will be riding your bike, but I'm in Baja and emission stickers etc. aren't required, so my plan is to start by changing the ECU/mapping, open the intake, throttle stop, bigger tank and add a FMF slip on. Riding down here ranges from rocky single track to wide open desert, so I'm looking for a clean and responsive low-mid range and the top end will be fine stock. My racing days are behind me so long periods of running near the red line isn't part of the program. I've been waiting for Yamaha to make this WR for several years...just can't wait! The old XR 400 has served me well, but it's time to move on. Maybe someone you has already ridden the bike stock and made the upgrades can contribute their impressions?
  9. Baja Guy

    '15 wr250f Free mods and aftermarket support

    Your stock US model ECU can NOT be programmed (changed) by you or a dealer. You will need the accessory GYTR ECU for the 2015 WR250F. Here's link that explains the details: http://dirtbiketest.com/product-tests/yamaha-gytr-competition-kit-wr250f/ As more people do the upgrade, hopefully they will share their test results and maps.
  10. Baja Guy

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    Thanks! I thought I had read something about a larger tank from Yamaha Canada. Looks like IMS is the only one available at this time. Anyone have one yet? Love to see some pics of one mounted up, and how it works.
  11. I'll be picking up a 2015 WR250F in April and have been researching how to set it up. Since I'll be riding it in Baja, a larger tank is a must. Contacted Clarke, Acerbis, and IMS. The first two said "maybe in the future" and IMS just released one this month. https://www.imsproducts.com/News/index.cfm?IDSet=35 I'm not real crazy about their design since it wraps outside of the radiators and looks like it would be exposed to damage in a lay down. Anybody have experience with a tank of this design? Maybe it is just wishful thinking that a larger tank could fit inside the frame. Like in the large space behind the shock res...maybe it's too low in that area? I thought I remember reading one review of the new bikes a couple of months ago, that was talking about the WR and FX in Canada coming with an optional larger tank. Any information from our friends north of the border on their new bikes??
  12. Getting my new WR250F next month. Will be adding new ECU and opening up the intake and exhaust along with bigger tank. Still considering and FMF exhaust. I hope the TT moderators will pin a mapping thread (or add it to the current jetting thread) for the 2015 WRs where owners can post maps they've come up with. I'll be setup for and ridden in Baja (fun, not racing).
  13. Baja Guy

    my 2015 WR250f out the box!

    Nice set up on your new bike. Looking at making some similar changes, but was wondering what model FMF 4.1 you went with? What's your impression of power and volume over stock? I'll be changing out the ECU with the programable GYTR model, since the bike will be living and ridden in Baja, MX. Also looking at a bigger tank...IMS says they will have one ready the end of January. Won't be back to the US until spring, so have time to dream and plan. Thanks for your write up, also would like to hear what FI map you settle on as you get more time on your bike.
  14. Baja Guy

    Differences between WR and YZ

    2015, or previous years?