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  1. Moosnukle

    26mm Carb Jetting with 143cc

    Anyone else running a 26mm Mikuni? I could use some needle jet and jet needle numbers. I am running a series 175 P-6 needle jet and a 5L1 jet needle.
  2. Moosnukle

    DRZ400 going big at Glamis!!!!

    A couple years back he was going to have Cernics setup a DRZ400 for him to race a mx national. I think Suzuki didn't want him to do it, so nothing ever came of it. He talked about it in an interview. At the time he thought it would be cool to see how he could do on a stock offroad bike. The guy is as crazy as he is talented.
  3. Moosnukle

    26mm Carb Jetting with 143cc

    270 for the Mikuni? Sounds huge, but since it's the only reply I'll give it a shot.
  4. Moosnukle

    26mm Carb Jetting with 143cc

    Can anyone give me a baseline of what jetting they are using with a Mikuni 26mm carb and 143cc big bore. I need to load some jets into a donar carb to get started.
  5. Moosnukle

    DV12 to Suzuki...Lame

    He's running better than that on a satalite team. Don't hate the guy for having talent. You must realize DV is a veteran and will give suzuki another really experienced guy to sort out their new bikes and represent with top ten and top five finishes,,,probably for a bargain of a price compared to what some of these guys are getting paid.
  6. Moosnukle

    is AMA supermoto coming to denver?

    Nice to see you following in the footsteps of your fearless Bush by pulling things out of your butt and repeating them as fact. Gp was cancelled because the title sponser pulled out THIS year, the "Donkey Convention" is only an issue if and when a title sponser steps up for next year. The conflict next year still has more to do with the racing schedule itself leaving very few dates open to fit Denver in.
  7. Moosnukle

    DRZ143 Supermoto

    Graphics aren't available, came special from suzuki with no way to replace them. One industries makes the other Makita stuff, so maybe you could special order them. They obviously have the design that they can load in their printer.
  8. Moosnukle

    DRZ143 Supermoto

    Finally finished this thing! 143 big bore Hot Cam Open Air box Pro Circuit pipe RM 85 forks RM 80 shock YZ426 front master cyl Sun 17" rims 51th rear sprocket Dunlop GP slicks going to the dyno next weekend if the Carb shows up. Runs well with the stock carb, just signs off a little early. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q257/joefotch/DSCN2861.jpg
  9. Moosnukle

    DRZ125....TTR needle help

    Can anyone identify the adjustable needle from the TTR they are using in the stock carb? Is there a number on it? It's going to be too lean for me so I'd like to try ID it as a baseline.
  10. Moosnukle

    Directional tires ?.....

    Kenda millville is designed to run both ways just like never59 . trailing side lugs is the Intermediate direction and flipped is intermediate soft. It makes a huge difference. there is an arrow in that tire just have a closer look:thumbsup: :ride: :ride: :ride:
  11. Anybody have these handy....cyl, head bolt torque? thanks
  12. Moosnukle

    Now this is a thumper

    FOund this surfing craigslist......old school! Wish it as closer so I could at least kick the tires. http://denver.craigslist.org/mcy/325620752.html
  13. Moosnukle

    RM forks .36 springs on drz

    I don't have a goood pic, but I can tell you I went with the res on the left side of the bike and just relocated the chain roller down. Just like the KX write up around here someplace.
  14. Moosnukle

    Caliper Adaptor for 200 to 220mm rotor

    Nice work, Gold Fren never got back to me when I tried.