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  1. climbku

    Kawasaki KX250F (2015)


  2. climbku

    Kawasaki KX250F 2015

  3. climbku

    Need Help, Stolen Bike

    thanks everyone, its is completely stock. The seat had a small unmissable scratch on it. the back finder is missing a bolt and is slightly cracked. You cannot tell unless you look under the fender. thanks again everyone
  4. climbku

    Need Help, Stolen Bike

    It would much help if anyone would keep an eye out for my bike. It was stolen out of the back of my truck this mourning or last night. I Usually keep it in my buddies garage, but i went riding this weekend and it was in the back of my truck. I live in Lawrence, Kansas. If anyone has any info plese give me a call @ 361-443-9935. My name is justin. It is an 07 KX250F pics are in my garage thanks
  5. climbku

    Help--Fragments in engine

    12 about. Thanks for the responces, i'll give my dealer a call
  6. climbku

    Help--Fragments in engine

    So today i was doing a regular oil change and as I was taking off the oil fill plug i noticed that it was making a "sandy" sound as i unscrewed it. When I got it off, I looked inside and at the bottom of the plug hole, fragments of the actual hole casing where broken off, and im guessing i got these fragments in there. I also think that this would of had to happen last change when I put the plug back in and the bike has about 5-6 hours on it since then. WHAT SHOULD I DO! its an 07 by the way Justin
  7. climbku

    guys show me your kawasakis

    New bike in Garage
  8. climbku

    Wrist Training

    You have to use it @ low rpm. That way it builds indurance.
  9. climbku

    Wrist Training

    I posted in a different threat about this but thought that i should start another one. As a MX rider and a Moutain and Rock climber i do a lot of workouts form for my wrist/forearm/hand/fingers. A buddy of mine told me about the NSD Powerball....Everyone should look into one.....I LOVE MINE.... http://www.powerballs.com/ It is the best workout I have ever done.
  10. climbku

    arm pump

    NSD Powerball....Aside from MX, I am a moutain and rock climber, which is probably the most arm/forearm/finger intensive activity you can do. A buddy of mine told me to get one. THEY WORK WONDERS!!!!!!! Everyone should look into one....http://www.powerballs.com/
  11. climbku

    2007 Kx250f

    Hey guys, I had just one question. I just got and 07 KX250F. On my Kawi certificate under the H.P is says 43.5 (S.A.E) This seem way too high, can someone explain this to me or give me the real figures? Maybe its in a different unit of measurement?