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  1. kerns57

    Will 03 sub frame fit 02.

    Thanx wingman, this is what I wanted to know. Really did not want to pass up this deal on the subframe, and thanx to you I know how I could make it work. Thanx again. cheers.
  2. kerns57

    Will 03 sub frame fit 02.

    Need some wisdome on this before I purchase one I found new for 50 dollar. Thanx.
  3. kerns57

    brushy dec.26 or 27

    Kinda off the subject but I just moved to NC and was checking out Brushy moutains web site, are they really that stringent on kids riding there? I mean showing a birth certificant and having both parents to sign waivers, ETC. I have wanted to ride there several times but my wife works alot and not able to be there to sign a waiver for him and to go have one noterized is rediculous. Thanx for any info on this you might have.
  4. kerns57

    NC Rider Connection Thread

    Roy 36 Mocksville 02 crf450, 02cr80 and 07 crf150rb son's bikes Just moved here from AZ, have only ridden crmx a few times, looking forward to racing some hare scrambles this year, never done that before. My question is brushy mountain serious about wanting birth certificates and proof that your kids are who you say they are. Seems awfully stringent so have not ridden there yet.
  5. kerns57

    06 yz250f carb settings

    do not respond.
  6. Moved from Arizona to North Carolina, Bike ran great in the desert but struggling in north Carolina. If anybody could recommend some jetting recs. would be greatly appreciated. Running stock setting: 178 main. 42 pilot. needle at 3rd clip. elevation Approx. 12oo ft. thank you.