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  1. YZ450Fun

    YZ450F in the dunes, go or no go?

    For the front Kings sand rib, looks cool, tracks well, minimal sand pickup, for the rear Kings Turbo paddle, hooks up great and tosses a huge roost.
  2. YZ450Fun

    YZ450F in the dunes, go or no go?

    how does a 450 bike with a paddle compare to the quads out there with paddles??? The YZ450F has the power reserve to climb dunes in 4th gear (5 speed trans.) so it will keep you out of tight spots, it is more like flying to me than the strapped down feeling of a quad, at the same time it takes a good deal of balance to ride bikes in sand. High power to weight ratio, it is a great bit of fun and a challenge.
  3. YZ450Fun

    YZ450F in the dunes, go or no go?

    You can spin a knobby up and float on sand, they will also dig a hole if you have to stop on a grade where the paddle will hook up and get you going again. A knobby on the front will also fling sand up in your face, with a Kings sand rib it will be minimal. The right tires make a big difference and less wear on your engine.
  4. YZ450Fun

    YZ450F in the dunes, go or no go?

    I ride a 06 YZ450F in the Oregon Dunes and it works stellar, put a Kings rib tire up front and Kings Turbo paddle in back and you will own any of the dunes with plenty of power in reserve ! Some good mods. - Change to Renthal 12 point from stock 13. High pressure rad. cap from Pit Posse. Trail tech LCD display for Tach., Speed and (Temperature) readout !
  5. Regina ORN holds up best or ORS for super heavy duty applications, believe they make the Renthal and MSR chains also.