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  1. monsieurboule

    lets see the best looking 2010-2013 yzf

    hi guy, well, it's not a motocross, but it is still a yz450f! when I bought it, i directly put my CRF wheels on (yes it is almost plug and play!) being an Ex-honda rider, I couldn't bear the blue color , so i changed it the front with a home mode air duct (not working well for the moment, still being under development and test) some other nice features and a dyno test (rear wheel measurement! Green is stock with stock map, red yosh slip-on with Jay marmont map and blue is yosh slip on + custom map! I need more power at top end (for supermoto), any ideas? hot cam stage 2 or above?)
  2. monsieurboule

    My 2008 Honda CRF450R project

    Super job!!!! I have a question, what do you inject in your nozzle for the swingarm linkage bearings? i guess it is oil, because grease is too "fat" and cannot be injected right? is your system working well?