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    Stay To The Right !

    That caution can also be applied to rises in a road. I was very lucky on only my third ride. I was on a forest service road a few feet to the right of the centerline going too fast. I went over a rise, and there was a pick-up truck straddling the centerline (road was wide enough for 2 cars to pass easily) and I was lined up with the left headlight. The rise in the road unloaded the suspension on the bike which made control interesting. I layed the bike down and I missed the truck by inches. The bike did not. I always keep that vision in my mind now when I'm out there on both corners and rises. Be safe out there.
  2. Dr. Mark, I would be interested in participating. I have never had any surgery on my knees. They are in constant pain however. I suspect patella tendonitis and some meniscus issues. Is that a concern for the study? I stopped wearing knee braces after reading your recommendation. Is there any statistical analysis that you plan on doing between track riders and trail riders? Are you going to try to balance your sample set accordingly?
  3. 35" on pro-comp 16" 2" leveling kit
  4. l8x8

    Phoenix Area Suspension Shops

    Oh such a change from the ks I know.
  5. We just use carbiners through the eye hole of the strap hook.
  6. Are there any films of the before/after for this proceedure. My brother has a grade 3 that gives him problems and I'm curious.
  7. Gotta watch out for that ping pong stuff. My brother did a similar injury playing pong of all things. Spiraled the fib, broke the tib, and tore a bunch of ligaments in the ankle. Has a plate and screws holding it together now.