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  1. There was talk of closing a major riding area near us and a local riding club told the forestry service, you dont have enough people to patrol and we will ride anyway. Most of the trails are maintained/ cut by volunteers. On a side note I have been to places where someone has cut hundreds of trees across trails to protect the forest from dirt bikers, forcing riders to go around creating new trails. I cant stand leaf lickers!
  2. A stock 85cr500 was 62hp. They started detuning them in 86
  3. All this is irrelevant. It does not mean you are riding the bike to it's limits. I can ride my 300 faster than a 250 in the woods, but Shane Watts could smoke me on a 125. The president of the AMA said that there are only 3 riders in the US who ride the 450's to their full potential and that is why there was such desparity between first and fourth place.
  4. closeracing

    5 miles of hell

    I have videotaped alot of riding and the video generally makes the terrain look easier than it really is and that looked insane. I like technical riding too but man that's nuts
  5. closeracing

    2007 CRF405R or 2007 KTM 250 SX?

    They are much easier to maintain, and alot cheaper too. A 2 stroke top end rebuild is about $120 a 4 stroke is $800 +. If you race AMA events the 250sx is not legal, They are too light. No I am serious, really. The AMA wanted to remove any advantage to racing a 2 stroke in case someone was considering the 250sx because of it's light weight. I guess the cc disadvantage wasn't a sufficient deterrent.
  6. closeracing

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke comparison

    I've ridden a couple of these and they are tractable to say the least. The last one I rode was a 327cc or something wierd like that, so I dont think the AMA has screwed with cc limits like in motocross.
  7. closeracing

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke comparison

    This may be true, but few people can keep it in the power peak. What the ama has done is allow the manufacturers to build a 4 stroke with a few hp more (in most cases) than the 2 stroke without considering how the bigger displacement advantage affects the rest of the power curve. If you built a detuned 250sx with only 2 more peak hp than a crf150, it would smoke the 150 everywhere because the hp numbers would be very different everywhere else. This is why it is an unfair advantage.
  8. closeracing

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke comparison

    Was your 2 stroke a woods bike like a 300mxc or a 200?, or was it a motocross bike with explosive power like a yz250?
  9. closeracing

    My last couple of 2 stroke questions

    Dont know about 125,s but my 03 300mxc has never been apart. Not the top end, clutch nothing and it has been ridden alot in the last 4 years and still runs like new.
  10. closeracing

    Should I buy a 450 and 250 two stroke?

    With the current displacement advantage given the 4 strokes you are at a disadvantage riding a 2 stroke. If you dont race AMA events or just ride for fun the 2 stroke is alot less maintenance and there are many choices for displacement.
  11. Almost nil! especially at the pro level.
  12. closeracing

    Harley DEFINATLY entering MX & Enduro !

    In the late 80's I worked at a Harley dealer in California. It was funny hearing the mechanics talk about Harley superiority, so I used to rib them with questions like "If they are so great why do I have to clean up the oil spots every day?" Once they were looking at a mega dollar buelle and commenting on how they'd like to look for a jap bike while on that thing. I asked them if they thought it would beat whatever the fastest stock jap superbike was at that time and they had to say no. So asked why would you want to buy a tricked out overpriced bike that would get smoked by a stock jap bike that was 1/4 the price? I was never very popular there.
  13. closeracing

    Riding Parents......A-Hole Parents

    ( Quote) After having months to think about this deal, well, I acted just as bad as the father. Your intentions were definitely admirable. (Quote) Sometimes I wish a person could get a "do over" in regular life. Well said, I think everyone feels that way at times.
  14. closeracing

    250 2smoke or 450f?

    The 450 has more power and it makes more power throughout the entire rpm range, which is an advantage over a smaller displacement motor, especially in mx. That said a 250 smoker has more power than most people can use, they are cheaper to maintain and require less maintenance. If you aren't racing AMA classes or are a vet rider you may consider the best of both worlds, a ktm 300.
  15. closeracing

    Riding Parents......A-Hole Parents

    True, but my point is that anyone who saw the incident probably didn't know the events that caused it. If someone had stepped in there would have been serious problems. I do expect my sons to give their all every time they race. If their results are slipping I'll check out the bike and if nothing is wrong they either pick it up or we are loading up and the next saturday I am relaxing at home.