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    wheely with out the clutch

    Try going about fast walking speed in first gear and then fast as you can close the trottle and then snatch (not a fast roll on) the throttle wide open. That should work. Mine comes up pretty fast and easy that way. Be ready to let of the gas and or hit the rear brake until you get used to it. I suspect you may be trying it at too fast a speed and or not giving it enough throttle. Good luck and be safe.
  2. My friend has an Acerbis YZ fender on his WR450 with a Baja Designs tail light mounted underneath. Very clean set up but the Acerbis fender is not as thick and sturdy as the OEM fender. Therefore the unit as a whole tends to bounce around a lot over rough terrain. I’d like to set my 06 WR450 with something similar but with a stiffer fender for the added support. Does anyone know if any of the other aftermarket fenders are thicker thus less prone to bouncing with the added weight attached to the end? I suppose I could take a look at an OEM YZ450 fender. Thanks
  3. Toonces

    Anyone have KLX parts for sale

    I've got a 35mm FCR pumper carb collecting dust. mlander17@cox.net