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  1. LewK

    2010 530 EXC Jetting

  2. http://bulletproofdesigns.com/
  3. LewK

    KTM Dealers

    I bought my 2009 450 EXC from Moore and Sons in Santa Cruz. I did shop around and most all dealers gave me an OTD price over the phone. The ones that wouldn't, or told me to get my best price and then they would beat it by a dollar didn't get my business. Moore and Sons was actually the best price I was quoted and they did an exceptional job prepping the bike. Haven't had to do any dealer service, so I can't comment on that aspect.
  4. LewK

    09 530 EXC valve adjustment video?

    http://paochow.com/forum/index.php?topic=40.0 I found this write-up helpful when I did the valves on my '09 450 EXC. The tip on using the Harley shims saves money and come is half sizes. I don't use the recommended rocker shaft removal technique in the write-up as you can throw of the valves if you rotate the shaft during re-installation. You can pull the cams out just enough to get to the buckets pretty darn easy. The shim spreadsheet calculator works well.
  5. LewK

    525 Title states 450 ???

    My '09 450 VIN says the bike is a 530. According to the dealer an ongoing issue with KTM.
  6. LewK

    stock fuel screw?

    I use the Merge Racing fuel screw. It's brass, easy to adjust and eliminated my decel pop. http://www.mergeracing.com/products/FuelMixtureScrew.php
  7. No regrets with my '09 450 EXC. The ONLY bike that will replace it is a NEW 300 2T that is street legal from the factory -- I can dream, but I'm not holding my breath. The 450 is a blast to ride everywhere and having a plate is a necessity for me.
  8. Use some silicon spray lubricant on the seal on the gas cap. It makes a world of difference.
  9. LewK

    chain tensioner

    A no-brainer less than 5 minute install. Comes with easy to follow instructions (I believe they are on their website too if you want to check them out). You'll spend more time playing with the DT unit because it is so well engineered than you will installing it.
  10. LewK

    chain tensioner

    The Dirt Tricks unit took the ticking out of my '09 EXC. The OEM unit is a pain especially if you do your own valve shimming.
  11. My understanding is that there are 2 types of 2010 450 EXCs -- Champions Edition and Six Days. One is supposed to be a re-badged 2009 with extra goodies, the other has the new frame. As for the one with the new frame I heard that it doesn't get the triple clamp and rear shock mods the 2010 SX received. The upside of KTM is that they have a tool for every situation, this is also a downside at times in my opinion. There have been some engine updates since '08 aimed at improving reliability.
  12. Rumored, built, raced, won.... http://www.motorcycle.com/news/ktm-350sxf-victorious-in-first-competition-89206.html
  13. My guess would be that it's another sponsorship opportunity to fund their efforts. Racing isn't cheap, and a lot of sponsors have reduced their support.
  14. This technique does the job on my 09 exc.
  15. Champions Editions have "old frame" Six Days Editions have the "new frame" Source: Dirt Bike Magazine http://www.dirtbikemagazine.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=EF3A97F810C64882B98A68ED0CDE62FB