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  1. Bad camera angle and bad camera audio, but the trail is super fun! ..when did Metallica redo their video? I like this one much better, great job!...
  2. ..great photos! and write-ups. enjoying the thread!...
  3. ..the little bit of green looks great...
  4. Do you have the link to your thread for the fiberglass pipe guard? The link in your wood bike thread seems me else where.. Maybe it's the TT app sending to wrong place?? Thanks..
  5. ..easy stuff. Get a manual, tools, parts, and your hands dirty...
  6. ..that thing is prettier than a new pair of snow tires!
  7. How many hours are you putting on the top end with woods duty?
  8. ..^^ don't ever apologize for a long one -- keep 'em coming! :-)
  9. ..i'm hoping the XT doesn't have plastic brake parts or subframe like the freeride. also, the XT has a kicker back-up unlike the orange bike -- there have been numerous posts about the poor starter/battery on the 2015 and the voodoo tricks, back-up batteries, wiring, etc that folks have been doing to the freerides -- sillyness for a nearly $8k bike! KTM should get it sorted out!
  10. ..w/ the FX it's nearly $500 cheaper and you don't have to do all the above mods to get the engine uncorked. you can use the $$ you'll save to put on some hand guards and a skid plate. if you don't need the lights & speedo you'll be saving weight / front end mass. it sounds like Yamaha (or likely someone else) will come up w/ an add-on light system for the future so you can always go that way down the road if needed. try to get your leg over both and give 'em a go.. buy what you like & feels the best then ride!! :-)
  11. ..get into PT and do balance training / baps board, to rehab and retrain proprioception in that knee.. hit me up in PM with ?'s. Super excited about this bike as it'll possibly be my next one after being bikeless for a couple years due to schooling. Long time Yamaha rider and two stroke lover. Been fun reading/learning about the Betas.. looking like a great scoot for mtn fun!
  12. Why only 8 months?? Super excited to see ride reports on both of these bikes... leaning toward the WR250F though.
  13. patiently heat the case & use blind bearing puller. i just took all the bearings out of my lower-end without a hiccup. good luck!
  14. You have it in reverse: 1. Use HOT soapy water to clean and degrease the cylinder. 2. Spray the cylinder with WD40, a light coat to prevent corrosion.
  15. Thanks! I'll source a blind puller and replace them.