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  1. th1npower

    How do you guys like to clean aluminum?

    .. Really? Just ball up like a Brillo pad and go to town? I might have to try this.. I can get miles of foil cheap at Costco. [emoji41]...
  2. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..i've cut down lots of mtn bike bars, can't be much different.. slide everything inwards on the bar - as far as they will go; measure an inch from the bar end; scribe a line w/ marker; then move everything to the marked line to make sure it fits on the bar and feels good for your riding style, body position. you could try starting w/ 1/2 inch then going to 1 inch later.. always easier to cut more later than too much initially. i use a small pipe cutter to get a nice clean cut. good luck!...
  3. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..gearing question.. Started out 13/46 earlier this year then got into the mtns over the summer and switched to 13/50 and have been really happy except have some BIG climbs near home that I struggle on. 2nd seems too low and can't carry enough speed into the climb initially. 3rd gets me into the hill, but can't carry RPMs up top even with slipping clutch. Played with the PV and lower than Langston (about where Supertrunk shows in his tutorial) to be on pipe earlier while in 3rd.. then a mid hill downshift to 2nd gets wild.. [emoji16] Been thinking of options.. 1. Go to 48T and run in 2nd carrying more speed at the base. 2. Go to 51T then can run a higher RPM for 3rd gear at the steepest part. 3. Work more on technique, slipping clutch, hill shifting, etc. Appreciate any thoughts! Happy riding...
  4. th1npower

    Powervalve Gear Damage Again[emoji33]

    ..home is 3k and I ride well over 9k all summer/fall and once I fixed my PV control lever the scoot has pulled all the way to the moon and back. I'd suspect jetting or top end - compression?.. hope you get it sorted, these things are a blast!
  5. th1npower

    2006 XC-W white plastics help

    ..ufo plastics: look at 200 EXC model.. should be able to get white fender, front plate, rad covers, and tail...
  6. th1npower

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    ..I wired in a high pitch horn from an auto store to my 200 XCW when I plated it.. it came with various brackets which made install easy. Then I bought another kill switch to run it.. wired so the button completes the circuit.. and put that on the right side...
  7. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..appreciate it Mike, and exactly what I was hoping for w/ a little lower PV setting to pop over the some the downed trees.. I still have some fudge room to play w/ the G2 throttle tamer.. using 200x now and can go either way yet. Trying to get a ride or two in w/ only one change at a time.. Also, I bought Poldies4 old Lectron carb (phenomenal guy and transaction!) and it has been awesome! I had the jetting pretty good, but since I live near 3k and often ride up to 8-9k+ I just got tired of playing w/ the jetting and went w/ the Lectron - incredibly happy! and feel bad for other that didn't have such a good response, experience...
  8. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..after lots of TLC with brake cleaner, simple green, dental pick, and a tap and die set everything was buttoned up with a thin honey drizzle of Rotella.. she held all her liquids after a warm up cycle. ..step-by-step.. I'm amazed at how adjustable the power valve is with changing out the control lever!! Very small turns in the knob now make noticeable changes in PV location. I set it at 2 mm below the top marking after trying out several gradual turns.. I may go a touch lower yet. Incredibly worthy of the time and nominal expense! this was the brake pedal bolt after cleaning.. definitely takes time to clean bolts and chase threads, but will save heartache and time down the road...
  9. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..the new parts arrived.. New control lever is about 0.16-0.17 mm larger than my old worn lever.. fits quite snug in the governor! Can see the wear comparing old to new.. along with poor fit of old lever and why the adjuster made little to no change. #57 of exhaust control KTM part 50337057000 Hope this helps... edit: I was looking at the PV governor more and figuring out how it works w/ the steel balls. At higher RPMs the centrifugal force moves the ball outward pushing into the cup portion causing it slide down the central shaft toward the springs thus moving the PV control lever and eventually the PV. I cannot help to think that either the cup, star portion holding the steel balls, or the balls don't wear out at some time. Thoughts?
  10. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..some parts were delayed a couple days so should have the new control lever on Monday or Tuesday. I did some measurements and fit of the old control lever, along with measuring and weighing the steel balls. Control lever looks about 0.15+ mm shaved down. Note small gap with PV governor that goes away when rotating lever 90 deg. Ball bearings look to be 8mm, 5/16", and 2 gm - edit, I put in a wrong pic w/ decimal inches, but above measurements are correct. I'll get some measurements on the new control lever soon. Happy weekend...
  11. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..emptied the coolant, oil, and pulled the Right clutch cover in prep for my new control lever, which should be arriving in the next day or so.. and I'll be a monkey's uncle.. the PV system was not put together properly, probably from the original owner. the spacer w/ the small lip to it that is suppose to sit next to the large spring, w/ the lip facing the spring side, was placed up front near where the control lever inserts and turned around so there was an added 0.5-1 mm of slop/room where it wouldn't engage properly and thus my PV wouldn't adjust and the scoot seemed flat. I'll update w/ pics when the new parts arrive and I get the governor system back together properly.. also some metrics on the old and new control lever. Be careful w/ 2nd hand scoots... if something isn't working delve into it w/ the repair manual and parts fiche.. never know what you'll find...
  12. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..i'm going to put in an order for a new one, along w/ some other small parts so i'll get some pics posted comparing the old & new dogleg #57...
  13. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..the control lever is the PV part that wears out. Control lever part #503.37.057.000 reference: https://motocross.transworld.net/photos/hidden-power-andrew-langston-shares-some-speed-secrets-for-the-ktm-125sx/ Hope this helps any else with PV issues...
  14. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    .. Noblade, thanks! So is it the "control lever", #57 part from exhaust control?...
  15. th1npower

    The KTM 200 Club

    ..a PV question.. I pulled the exhaust cover and it's timed right, linked up, and moves.. also adjusted the gap as it was tight on the left side. Pulled to clutch cover side and everything looked ok; except, I didn't pull the PV gear part with the balls. The PV moves passively and with throttle bursts.. but it's sluggish. Also when I turn the adjuster it takes 3-4 turns out to make any adjustment.. by then the adjustor is so far out there is several mm gap with the case and threaded cap. Bike runs really good, 165 psi when I checked while looking at all the PV stuff.. will do a new top end this winter. What's up w/ the PV? Should I tear into the spinner with ball bearings?? Appreciate the help!...