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  1. no worky
  2. when i had my thor boots i couldnt go through damp grass without my socks getting soaked. now i have alpine stars and unless i fall off a bridge into a river i stay pretty well dry hahaha
  3. Change The Oil
  4. homeboy on the hoosy is damn good....thats how i ride minus the smoothness, flow, balance,tech, and success rate
  5. well it looks and sounds cool but i guess none of them have the balls to ride it
  6. im overwieght but good god that guys a meat stack
  7. even if he doesnt know how to jump fmx i think he knows the recipie for a good fire....1 small dirtbike and 1 big pile of dry hay:applause:
  8. i gotta have one who's the local dealer in my area?
  9. hahaha your to kind:worthy:
  10. damn you know i must have missed that post while i memorized every video ever put on TT
  11. cops "steal" a kids dirtbike and think thier badass haha:bonk:
  12. ive seen that vid before man that looks like a trip:thumbsup:
  13. lucky he didnt taco the piss out of that front wheel:smirk:
  14. its like a two in one bomb....even if the fire misses ya you got a fairly good chance a piece of glass wont
  15. wow man he should have sponsors fightin each other to get to him in no time:p