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  1. when i had my thor boots i couldnt go through damp grass without my socks getting soaked. now i have alpine stars and unless i fall off a bridge into a river i stay pretty well dry hahaha
  2. homeboy on the hoosy is damn good....thats how i ride minus the smoothness, flow, balance,tech, and success rate
  3. well it looks and sounds cool but i guess none of them have the balls to ride it
  4. im overwieght but good god that guys a meat stack
  5. even if he doesnt know how to jump fmx i think he knows the recipie for a good fire....1 small dirtbike and 1 big pile of dry hay:applause:
  6. i gotta have one who's the local dealer in my area? ....walmart:smirk:
  7. damn you know i must have missed that post while i memorized every video ever put on TT
  8. cops "steal" a kids dirtbike and think thier badass haha:bonk: http://www.filecabi.net/video/confiscated_dirtbike.html
  9. ive seen that vid before man that looks like a trip:thumbsup:
  10. lucky he didnt taco the piss out of that front wheel:smirk:
  11. its like a two in one bomb....even if the fire misses ya you got a fairly good chance a piece of glass wont
  12. wow man he should have sponsors fightin each other to get to him in no time:p
  13. hmmm you would think the camera had zoom:excuseme:
  14. extend the swingarm on that beast and it could be one hellava hillclimer
  15. i have the tech 3's and im very happy with them but it all depends on fit and personal preference....dont buy boots if you cant try them on first
  16. always had foam in race car fuel cells but never heard of putting it in a dirtbike....dont really worry about fuel sloshing around as much i guess (also supposed to slow down the rate of flow if you puncture the tank)....
  17. nice resolution on the vid dude...that looks like a killer place to goof around on a bike all day
  18. cool vid that looks like one hullava place to ride:ride:
  19. wow that sounded rude haha i was reffering to the guys who dont like it:banghead:
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