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  1. 06crf250r

    new clutch...(06crf450)

    I did as the book said...i soaked the plates with 10-40 trans oil(not the discs)
  2. 06crf250r

    new clutch...(06crf450)

    I replaced the plates/ disc/springs because they where at service limit. And because the clutch was slipping badley with old plates/disc. So i put the new plates/disc/springs in and in first gear with the clutch lever held in the bike trys to inch forward. The bike is alot stronger with the new plates/disc/springs
  3. 06crf250r

    new clutch...(06crf450)

    when i click the gear into first the clutch is pulling the bike forward slightly( the lever is all the way to the handle bar) yes it is notched... its very hard to explain, there is prople free play
  4. 06crf250r

    new clutch...(06crf450)

    I just put new clutch plates/disc/springs and started it and notced that in first gear(clutch in) the clutch is pulling a little bit. Is this normal for a new clutch. or are there adjustment. ( clutch lever has play, no odd sounds or anything) any help? thanks!!!!!
  5. after reading a lot of post about the DNA wheel of people saying that they love them or hate them I went and found all the facts about the wheel (7000 series alloy rim) same grade as excel including the A60, and krieg v2. The next feature of the DNA wheel is the (6061-T6 alloy spool type hub I have herd it is a billet, not sure though.) that is the same hub and same grade metal on the krieg v2 and the excel pro series witch uses the billet hub). The krieg v2 also uses the same stainless spokes and the DNA does. The krieg v2 and excel pro series are both 900-1000$ wheel sets and DNA are 550$ the krieg v2 is the same wheel. I am thinking of buying a set of DNAs just to see how they do.
  6. 06crf250r

    rim lock

    i am buying a 90/100/21 front tire and on cyclegear.com the only size rim lock the have is a 1.85" will this size work for the rim( the rim is a 1.6") thanks
  7. 06crf250r


    only in size 90/100/21
  8. 06crf250r


    cycle gear is haveing a deal on a dunlop d742 for 29.99$ so that is why i want one, how sure are you that they will fit?
  9. 06crf250r


    my tires are stock, the front is a dunlop d742 80/100/21 will a 90/100/21 fit it fine? thanks
  10. 06crf250r

    how good is stock exhaust system?

    so witch would you go with, do you think the header is worth the extra$$$?
  11. 06crf250r

    how good is stock exhaust system?

    and is there a good improvement over the stock exhaust
  12. I have a 2006 crf450 and I am looking to put a new exhaust on it, I don’t know if I want to go with a slip on or a full system. I am looking at the fmf mega bomb system or a pro circuit ti-4 slip on/or full system. I see that a lot of money comes in with the header and it being titanium on aftermarket exhaust systems but the stock crf450 header is titanium, so is the a real advantage in a full system? What does the mega bomb header offer different to a pro circuit ti-4 header?
  13. 06crf250r

    Dunlop 739's

    i am in north carolina, same price bought 3
  14. when mine is cold i blip the throttle 1 to 2 time, the motocross bike have the Accelerator pump so it is like a squirt bottle. so ever time you turn the throttle it squirts a mist of fule in the motor. i never have to do it when it is hot though and for it to jsut start like that one day. i dont know i think that the cold starting is normal mine does it, my friends kx250f and crf250f needs it also and i have had my jetting looked at and it is all good! as long as it runs, keep riding it!!!!
  15. 06crf250r

    rivet master link

    i am riding a crf450R with tag sprockets 13/49 i counted the links last night there where 111 left on the chain and i need it to have like 113 so shoud i sell it or shoud i jsut get a rivited master link on it?