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  1. pompon

    pics of my bike :)

    I thought that sand in California was as white as ours in Canada:thumbsup:
  2. pompon

    what about winter riding?

    I just got back on the ATTRAX site and there is no more winter demo. I can tell you that you will still need studs on your front tire, and probably also on the kit (I put some on mine). It's a new product in Quebec... So not much people can tell how it really works on every condition of snow. That's the reason why I put studs on it before trying it... In few weeks, I will be able to tell much more about the product. Note: Excuse if you have difficulty to read me because my usual language is french.
  3. pompon

    what about winter riding?

    Hi KLXj0nes, I live in Quebec... So I live where the snow is made:banghead: I can tell you that the best way to play with your bike in winter is to wait for the snow to be solid... I mean almost like ice. Then you'll need to put studs on every knobs of your tire. Don't use metal screws because after one ride they're gonna be destroyed. You'll need real screws made for it. You'll find it in your favorite motorcycle store. It's more expensive, but you will be able to use it for the entire winter... But never go on the road. They'll be destroyed after 1 minute or 2. If you want to play in the snow after a winter storm, you will need a kit named Attrax. You'll find a demo at: www.attrax.net Have a nice winter