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  1. bcone

    Idle problems 650L

    I fought with this some more today. Beat on the CDI as per several threads. Carb is clean, really. I'm with you on the air leak. It will run with throttle but dies out when it is at a slow idle. Fast idle (too fast) and it keeps running. This means that it is getting feul from the jets but when it goes to the idle jet it is pulling enough air to lean it out. It sound like when you turn off the feul and run it dry. It speeds up a bit, and then dies. I ordered a new float bowl gasket and we'll see what happens.
  2. bcone

    Idle problems 650L

    Agreed about draining the tank. I thought I would get to ride it more than I was able. Cleaned carb = soaked in carb cleaner, removed all jets, poked soft brass wire in all openings, then blown out with compressed air. Bike gets plenty of fuel with throttle open, idles fast then dies. Anyone have this problem?? Thanks.
  3. bcone

    Idle problems 650L

    After sitting (with stabil in the tank) for the winter I pulled my bike out and it started right up. I changed the plug before starting it. Problem is it won't idle for very long before it dies. Right about the time it warms up it seems like it runs out of fuel. If I stay on the throttle it will run. I drove it a few miles and it sputtered. Stopped and died and would not start until it was cold. I drained all the feul and cleaned the tank, then stripped and cleaned the carb, removed to idle jet and put it back in and now it idles WAY too fast and then pretty much dies out. Carb seems to stick/wave idle, where it goes fast and then slow and back up. This bike ran perfectly when I stored in the fall. Bike has the smog block off and a KN filter. Supertrapp pipe with jet appropriate to it (it ran GREAT before). I need this to run. ANY THOUGHTS? I'm ready to buy a Mikuni any minute.
  4. bcone

    Any value in a stock XR650L tank?

    Sold mine on ebay for about $100 don't really remember. Now I wish I still had it... The 5.8 was great for long hauls and commutes but now I ride trails and a smaller tank would be better. Consider this when selling.
  5. I swapped back to my street tire and noticed that when I grab the brake hard the front end pulls to the right and the right fork tube flexes BIG TIME (the lower leg pulls back). What's up with this? I have not noticed this before and switch from a dirt tire to a 21" street tire every few months. Wondering if I got the alignment wrong but also curious if anyone else has expereinced this.
  6. bcone

    Missmatched Tires?

    For some reason my front tire (Currently running Avon Distanzia both front and rear) has major sidewall cracks, although the back is fine. SO... I need a new front. I have a dirt rim and tire that I swap out when I hit the trails and just run my Distanzia in the back (nothing serious trail wise). I was wondering if I can swap out to an all street tire on the front while keeping the Distanzia in the back with out any trouble. Thinking it would handle the turns a bit better if it did not have those blocky treads. Would this work? If so what's my best tire? Bike is an XR650L jetted with pipe and 6 gal tank (I commute on it and hate stopping for feul every other day even though it makes the bike pretty heavy which is pretty F'n heavy for a dirt bike). Thanks
  7. bcone

    Xr650l Stronger front brakes!!!

    Motostrano sells a slightly bigger rotor 260mm that increases the stopping power a bit. Increase of 35% stopping power, http://www.motostrano.com/mo26mxro.html You also need the caliper relocator. http://www.motostrano.com/momx280mmreb.html Stainless cables are a good bet to start. If you really want to go wild then add a 320mm but be carefull you don't overstop the 21" tire. Better with fatter supermoto tires.
  8. bcone

    650R Street Tires

    Avon Distanzias... Maybe cheaper than the Metzlers. Good long wearing road tire that will take no a bit of dirt when need be.
  9. bcone

    650l bogging

    Sounds like a clogged jet. I had the same problem where my XR650l would only run on the idle circuit but when I rolled the throttle on it would bog. After I ran some acetone through the tank it was fine. Check your filter in your tank (on the petcock) and see if ther is a hole and if not maybe run some feul system cleaner or acetone (which BTW does not harm carb parts and increases the molecular diffusion of the gas) through it to flush anything else out.
  10. 650_Shark, the wiring sounds like you have the ground crossed. I had the same problem because the light was trying to ground though one of the hot wires. I would check again. That is EXACTLY what my light was doing and it is fine now.
  11. Just don't get the Acerbis light! It does not fit. The light shown is more likely to pass DOT because it has a licence plate light. If your willing to chance it you can use the light for the XRR but it has no light for licence. It does fit right into the spot where the rubber boot goes. The other option is to chance to an MX rear fender and fet an under the fender LED set up. Those look pretty slick, but you into replacing the fender as well as the light.
  12. bcone

    best helmet to wear?

    Full face, not as cool looking as a dirt helmet on your SM but for real road riding there are lots of advantages. As mentioned, better in the rain, does not whip your head around and it's less noisy. I have ridden both and now if I'm about town I use my full face AGV. When I dual sport I ride my dirt helmet with goggles. Really you may wind up with both.
  13. bcone

    I want a Supermoto shirt...

    Also got mine in the mail last week. Thanks for getting this together, superb grafics and slick logo:applause: . Only down side is this my Christmas present... have to wait to wear it .
  14. bcone

    Bought Xr600,might Be Wrong Bike 4 Me

    IF your willing to rev out a bit more than the WR is a better bet for you (after what you have described in this thread). Not as much power on the bottom but once you get used to where the power is via higher revs# you'll be fine:thumbsup: . Less of a tractor but enough power for the bike to get out of it's own way. Could be worse, you could be looking at a 250! If you get one for a song you won't be disapointed:applause: . With that said, try it out before you buy...