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  1. CamP ... as ALWAYS, the authoritative resource on TT Thank you ... I get it now HappyG ... thanks for posting up the pic !
  2. Thanks CamP ... Ok the new cover is still on the bike, so I am hoping you can point me in the right direction I posted a pic of the inside of the "old cover" and one one of the new cover (from the outside). I have looked EVERYWHERE for this info to no avail (what the chamfer) and honestly I am still perplexed. If this is mandatory for proper operation, I was hoping there would be a bit more information available. I am "assuming" its the case itself immediately next to the spring (where the allen tool is pointing)?? Hopefully you can help me out.
  3. Can somebody explain EXACTLY what need chamfering when replacing a rotted out 86 cover, with an aluminum 89 cover ? Is it the cover itself (assuming it is) on the inside OR is it the alternator PLUG that needs modding. How many mm, etc. CamP is the resource on this. I have read the posts, just cannot understand exactly what needs to be done ?
  4. supervokes

    Rekluse in the 01 cr250

    Check out the Rekluse website ... will become obvious (balls were wearing slots inside the 2.0 disc)
  5. supervokes

    Best way to seal up leaking exhaust cr250

    These work excellent ... http://www.ebay.ca/itm/NEW-HONDA-CR125-CR250-ALUMINUM-EXHAUST-CLAMP-/221359397985?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item338a0c5c61&vxp=mtr&_uhb=1
  6. supervokes

    DNA wheels

    100% agree .. all I am saying is that quality is generally NOT the deciding factor .. PRICE is. Maybe DNA's factory has excellent quality control standards, and maybe they have crap ... who knows ?? If there was absolutely no difference, companies like Talon, Rad Mfg, Buchanon, etc. would ALL be out of business. If you want to debate Chinese metallurgy, there are many on here who will do that ..... not me
  7. supervokes

    DNA wheels

    What is driving your decision ... is Price the ONLY factor ?? They are manufactured in China, which is hit and miss for quality. Some have had OK results, others not. Personally I wouldn't put Chinese wheels on a japanese bike .. and vice versa ... I am sure you won't find many Talon wheelsets on bikes that are Chinese made
  8. supervokes

    Max Engine Temp?

    A proper installed FAN and you will NEVER have cooling issues again. Oversize rads still overheat ... just provide a bit more of a "delay". Have used both ... would easily choose the fan any day. With the proper switch, my bike NEVER exceeded 80 degrees celcius once in over 2 years of woods riding. Lots of overheating is due to the REMOVAL of air deflectors on the rads to accommodate rad guards which compromises air flow ... (creates dead "pockets" right next to the inside of the shroud) *** make sure your jetting is correct tool
  9. supervokes

    Flywheel nut help!

    For $10 go and buy an engine lock up tool ... thread it into the spark play opening and problem solved
  10. supervokes

    Exhaust Pipe Leakage

    1996 ... 90%+ of dirt bike owners are the LAZIEST people you have ever met and rarely do any bike maintenance. If you just bought it, repack it. Go over the entire bike (linkage, etc) Look up "sppoge" ... oil out the back of the pipe is normal .. within moderation
  11. supervokes

    Will Honda ever bring back the 2 stroke?

    In 2014, Husky's will basically be KTM's in disguise ... as KTM now owns the company. Husaberg seems to be getting phased out and Husky's will likely be taking their place. Throw in the fact that Bajaj (and Indian company) will soon take majority ownership of KTM, I think the future is bleak for KTM .. "quality" wise ...... Good or bad thing ... I'll never know
  12. That seems to be how many are however mine are the exact same length. Thanks for having a look. Hence my struggles ... anybody have an 86 they can comment on ? I am stumped at what year this cylinder is.
  13. supervokes

    Will Honda ever bring back the 2 stroke?

    I am the opposite. I just sold my 2012 KTM 300XC, and as much as the KTM crowd "raves" about how great their bikes are ... they are just bikes. Nothing to write home about. Restoring an 86 CR250, and am soooooo happy to be back on a Honda. I just could not come to grips being a "ktm guy". Most people know what this means. KTM guys SEEM to be 90% "ex-yammy" guys who love them ... ex-Honda riders don't seem to share the same enthusiasm "it seems" and often drink the Kool-Aid briefly, only to come back riding RED Been there ... done that ... never again.
  14. Nobody has 30 seconds to take a measurement ? BUMPiNG hoping somebody can assist here
  15. Hey all I am restoring an 86 CR250, and "think" I "may" have a different year cylinder head on it. The previous owner knows jack .. youknowwhat. An interesting note I have found when looking at various heads online (get your mind out of the gutter ), is that the rear stud section (closest to the reeds) is THICKER in length on some heads than the front section (see pic below). Mine are IDENTICAL in thickness (26.6 mm), which leads me to ponder if this points to a consensus on what year cylinder this might be. ?? Wondering if anybody would be interested in taking a VERY quick measurement for me ... and lend thoughts on the question. Does your 86 cylinder head have different cylinder stud lengths ? Talk about a post that could be misinterpreted as XXX Thanks