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  1. 99yz400

    New (to me) YZ426

    Thanks Gray for your advices and your time! The video helped me identify one thing I did incorrectly, I just hope it will solve the problem. Thanks again!
  2. 99yz400

    New (to me) YZ426

    I bought a yz400f recently (my first 4 stroke bike) and can't start it. How could I know if the problem is due by the starting technique or by improper adjustment of the carb?
  3. I'm not shitting on TT, I thought that by sharing this info with you, some people could save some bucks... that's it.
  4. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that if you need a Reay Racing Stainless steel oil filter, you could get a 30% discount. I wrote an email to the customer service, on Ready Racing website. They offered me a 30% discount (applicable on every product) since ThumperTalk Store was selling the same filter for less. On TTstore, it's selling at $54. On ReadyRacing website, you could get it for $42. that's a pretty good deal, isn't it? Brian
  5. Hi, I bought a 1999 Yz400f. I want to buy a stainless steel oil filter. It seems that I have only one choice: Ready Racing (Scotts does not offer one for the 99 model). Anyway, I wanted to ask your feedbacks about the quality of this filter. Should I buy the cover with it or it's useless? Also, I saw on their website that they offer cheap air filter. Anyone has any comments on those filters? Thanks in advance for your help, it's my first four-stroke so I have many questions in mind!
  6. 99yz400

    Engine ice

    I just bought the bike and wants to do proper maintenance on it before going for a ride:ride: . I'll definetaly buy engine ice. Thanks for your advices!
  7. 99yz400

    Engine ice

    Do you think it is worth it to pay the extra $ or is there another coolant that will do practically the same great job for less? I heard some yz have a tendancy to overheat, what you think?
  8. 99yz400

    Oil Question

    I found on Castrol's website that they make a 100% 10w40 Syntec oil. However, it is listed as a cars/vans/trucks/suv oil. How is a motorcycle oil different from a car oil? Would 10w40 Castrol Syntec could fit for my YZ400f? Thanks
  9. 99yz400

    Oil filter - Stainless or regular?

    thanks guys, I really appreciate your comments! I think I'll buy one of those Scott filter.
  10. 99yz400

    Oil filter - Stainless or regular?

    Ok, thanks, I'll probably buy a Scott filter. How do you clean it when it's time for oil change? Do you have to use a special cleaner or you could use carb cleaner, for example? Thanks again
  11. 99yz400

    Oil filter - Stainless or regular?

    I forgot, I have another question. Is there a particular type of coolant to use for radiators? I heard that some bikes tend to overheat so I'd like to get the best coolant possible. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks again
  12. Hey Guys, I'd like to know if it is worth it to buy a stainless steel filter?? Would it clean the oil more efficiently than a standard oil filter? If so, do you have any recommendations (Brands + Models)? Thanks a lot:ride:
  13. 99yz400

    yzf400 or 426

    Congratulations! Me too I'm new to the 4 stroke dirtbike. I bought the same machine as you but I'll have to wait couple of months before rding it. ( Still too much snow...) Enjoy it for me!
  14. 99yz400

    Need tips for storing a Yz400F !

    Thank you all for your tips, honestly, I appreciate!
  15. Hi everyone, about three weeks ago, I sold my CR125 and I bought a 1999 Yz400.I'm so happy with my purchase but unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to ride it since I needed to repair the left radiator. I live in a place where winter is cold (very cold), so I need to store the bike for about 4 months. I have always maintained my CR really well and I will treat my Yamaha the same way. The four-stroke world is totally new to me. I'd like to know what are the proper procedures for storing a 4-stroke bike? Is it different from a 2-stroke? Moreover, what are the maintenace "rules" I should do for normal usage ? (Oil change = what interval, Oil filter = Replace it or clean it, etc) In summary, are there any important thing I should know as a 4-stroke newbie? I appreciate all your advices Thanks!