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    **** Rancher shoots Baja biker; Steve Martz ****

    Track was Amago. Oddly with great conditions.. They have been cleaning up the tracks lately along with watering on the weekends... Little Martz was kicking Steve's butt... Or lack of butt?...LOL.. Little Martz has a good instructor... notice his form???

    pastrana in baja 1000

    Hey ROMAD, Good question.. Riders typically start the race with a lighter less expensive, plate or stock light which quickly gets swapped out for the much heavier but much better dual light setup just before dark. It's too easy to crash and ruin the big lights during the day. You want all the light you can get once it gets dark. Ultimately the plan for Travis was to be off the bike finished with the race by mid morning which is why he was still running the dual light in the pic above. I'm guessing that pic was taken around 8-9 a.m. the morning after the race started.. -17x

    pastrana in baja 1000

    Hello,,, thought I'd throw some info on here... Travis was a mad man and I had the opportunity to ride side by side for a short while when both our bikes were choked out by the deep miserable silt at the same time. I was on a KLX and somehow managed to get it back running but he was off his bike with some spectator help when I rode off..This was approx. near race mile 1150? with less than a couple hundred miles left to go... FYI.. he was running 4th in class 22 when I caught up to him, and yes, he was still hauling ass like he was fresh on the bike!! Still standing up, elbows up and smooth. After the last miserable silt section that finished Travis's bike. Search youtube video's under ( baja mil zooroad/rigos 2007) Around 1:30 you can see Travis and my Green machine struggling through it. I pretty sure when he stopped in that video is where he finished...Of course, the course was pretty gravy for the last 100+ miles.Go figure eh!!! My filter was so clogged after the last silt section I remember being pinned in 5th down a dirt road and bike topped out around 50 MPH.. that's right..Knowing another rider was coming up on me... Maybe Pastrana or another class 22 rider, I was pretty much not letting off until I would meet my next pit for a filter change.. Which wasn't there..I later learned I got to the pit before my chase crew and had to lean the bike and knock as much silt out of the filter and air boot as possible just so it could partially breathe, then limp the tired Kawi to the finish behind the Riviera dust factory TT...Tried to pass him back a few times and the last attempt picked a cheater line to get around him and next thing I knew I was going backwards on the course recovering from a major get off and serious concussion... I literally rode about 2 miles? before spectators physically stopped me on the course and turned me around.. Eventually found the TT a----gain... and followed him into the finish... He was on cruise control with a big lead and I was fighting for a season top 3 points championship... But all in all it was the best experience of my life... I think? If Travis bike held up I'm confident he would have finished within the top 5 class 22!!

    baja 1000

    Scotty your killing me... with your description now I have no choice to run another 1000 or at least plan and pray for the money and support to surface? So true the spectators and the scenery is worth a thousand stories. I ran a 6 hr Ironman at Glen Helen and passing by spectators is like the pirates of the carribean ride... In Mexico no matter what your riding or what place your in the fans do go out of their way to encourage you.. sometimes you have stones thrown at you, boobie traps (or basically mex. made jumps) and farm animals taking your line but it is what it is.. Baja and it's elements..our team ran a stock, stock, stock KLX last year in the 500 literally running a stock complete exhaust and being in stealth mode was an experience in itself. You could hear locals talking and commenting and as we approached you could literally hear every word they were saying... comments like... sheet mang, that must be a new lectric bike holmes...and especially the ones where we snuck up on a clown with a shovel digging a deeper hole and watching him drop the tool and dive out of the way, or letting your rear wheel in a high speed 5th gear sweeper brush a lawn chair to two,...ha ha..When you can pull out of a nascar style pit at midnight as far down south as La Paz and deliberately roost a cooler too close to the course exploding it with beer flying in all directions... while riding away pinned and respected as if you were Tiger Woods hitting a hole in one..(not a golfer) not gonna happen here in the states ever.. I tell every MX rider I meet... When you get bored of the same thing over and over and track riding isn't the fun it used to be. Try out a race in Baja and the adventure will blow you away. Advice to new riders though, pace yourself and if your going to wad it up at least wait till the finish line- i've been told? walshdaniel, PC rocks, they know thier stuff and are well respected in Baja with testing and results and the Bell family are great and always willing to assist...Sounds like your in good hands...

    baja 1000

    too funny.... Hey walshdaniel, with a name like that you must be fast LOL..... to yz250f guy... Just a warning... Baja is very addicting.. I was fortunate enough to ride the 1000 in 06 and 07. Took a break for the last two SCORE Baja races and sitting out isn't my style and I'm truly one rider who has the Baja bug eating away at me... T.T. is a great source for info with some very over qualified members who can give you some of the best advice ever. I can't recommend enough to take all the info in and hope you get the opportunity to race this 1000. I'm guessing it will be much easier logistic wise to run this year as well as less miles and a loop?.. I am considering running solo for the first time and just weighing out my sponsor options... Again, it's very addicting and racing down south is an experience hard to explain and can give you a life time of stories...Don't let anyone turn you away from your dreams. Plan to pre run as much as possible with a day or two of rest before the race and pay close attention what's going on around you all the time, plan for the worst but pray for the best. Best of luck and hope to see you in Nov. Dan Walsh Ramona, Ca.

    08 San Felipe 250... or whatever 250, drawing order (thus far)

    Hey 307x, you guys are fast and should do very well on the KLX, but 17x (b-1K ) from last season just signed a new deal for a late entry class 30 on a team green backed KLX... abbot replica.. and have a couple secret top young guns going for the overall... No just messin with you guys.... I'm just a bench racer . Was a Kawi fan but now have a couple KLX"s i can't fricken give away....

    08 San Felipe 250... or whatever 250, drawing order (thus far)

    Post me a private message and I can go over what I have available if you are interested... Don't want to break any t.t. rules?

    08 San Felipe 250... or whatever 250, drawing order (thus far)

    just curiious, who's running a KX450 in class 30? I may have lots of parts to offer and great advice on how to get team greens support....(that's a joke actually)... but I do have parts....

    450 X again or 450 KLX-R ?

    Thanks J.A.T. for your wisdom and insight.... My opinion is the Honda is gay and go Green... .Ha ha. No just kiddin...However the KLX did prove itself along with J.J's incredible prep job.. Our team mechanic spent hours just pulling the race bike apart post Baja 1000 to restore and prep for resale. Apparently J.A.T. had a Locktite sponsor he failed to mention... For anyone looking for a Baja broken in 08 KLX.... Alba in Poway has both the race bike and pre run KLX's ready to sell with warranties and completely prepped ready to race or play. Race bike and pre run bike have rewound stators, Nicoll racing suspension, IMS 3.2 gal tanks, HD tubes, new tires, Pro tapers, Acerbis hand guards and other extras.... Post me a private message and I have greaaaaaaat things to say about the KLX....like valves, no issues, stock clutch, no issues, burning oil? 1300 miles no oil burnt, suspension...IMO, we tried too many settings when it worked great stock.. Also, handling is great and very stable..... We ran the bike with a stock exhaust system in the Baja 500 and I liked it so much I had a hard time switching to the FMF....The stock sound was very relaxing and theraputic while strolling through Mikes and the summit....ha.. + sneeking up on other riders and blasting by them is truly the best sport ever.... C'mon J.A.T. yuz gots to be pickin up what i'm layen down.... Oh and Yes I like the Kawi....does Kawi help us out... No !!! they are gay fo sure...but the bike is great even though Team Green is worthless.....IMO....
  10. DJWALS

    A few pictures of the Baja 1000 bikes

    That was awesome....My take on this circus.... The rider In yellow..was the R.O.R.. Joe D.. aka ( open faced animal)...The other guy just came in and J.D. had to ride into the finish...The other guy was a local from Cabo and Knows the area so he rode the last leg.(cool guy, met him on the podium ) ..I know because he got by me when my KLX was plugged up with Silt.and their 6fitty did pull me a bit... Ok ... a lot..... I was (attempting) to chase him back once my filter was unplugged but now a black pain in the rear T.T. was in between us... What I think? Is the pow wow that quickly took place handing the bike off was something like this..(hey Joe,,, Hurry,,, Hurry,,, I passed 17X sputtering back a ways and He's comin at us like a little spider monkey.!!! and Oh ya... he's in the points chase also... Hussle amigo..) then Joe in a desperate handfull of throttle did a speed way stunt.... Too cool..Actually they prob... thought Don Connely? class 40 stud...The Honda was me and ultimately I was still choking on the T.T. roost all the way to the finish....a couple minutes behind the circus... Hat's off to Joe D... for an incredible season finishing 2nd in Points.... We are humbled with 3rd... and pumped to be a part of all the fun... I rang my bell behind the T.T. and remember talking with some of the guys at the finish but I was more thinking of a margarita and jacuzzi...... 17X Green Rider..AKA Dr. Evil
  11. DJWALS

    ... true test of the KLX, coming soon.

    Hey Kawi fans''' along with J.J. and bigcoopdawg.... Thanks for all the great comments... Just for the record... I want to clarify my thoughts on Team Green... Yes they do seem to be distant with any Baja activity... They did seem happy we were representing Kawi but never helped us in any way. We did contact them several times asking for support and finally gave up with Nicoll racing jumping aboard. I did hear rumors that Destry's KLX was having issues which is why they pulled out of the 24hr...but it was again rumored...They were not in the points chase anyhow so that could have been why as well. Anyhow, Not sure why they never could even help with as little as jetting specs... skid plate's or any technical advice...Heck, even the locals in Mexico thought we were a factory Kawi team... We are proud that we figured it all out on our own and had several great supporters help with the bikes from Alba Action Sports, Bel Ray, Nicoll racing, Weapon MX, FMF, No toil, Acerbis along with tons of other supporters from No Fear apparel, ODI grips, Scott goggles, Becker photography, wolf pak, Ricky Stator, Baja Designs, Slime, Rockstar energy, MVP in Ramona, IMS, RK-Excel, Gatorz eyewear, NiteRider, our pit service Mag 7 and dozens of financial supporters each team rider generated on his own... With that said we have lots of respect for all who helped with Chase driving, financial support, product support and anyone who even believed in us. We as a team aim to be the best outside sales promoters for all who helped us. Some other info worth sharing... My 2007 KX 450- Pre ran for several days prior to the Baja 250- raced the 250 With several other local races including the 6Hr... endurance race at Glen Helen and multiple pre run trips prior to the 500 we have checked the valves several times and so far with all the time pre running even for the 1000.. So far I've replaced a couple chain guides, 1 clutch, 1 set of brake pads and that's it... Truly an amaziing bike, and very reliable... Now the KLX's...To date we had 3 donated from Alba which we took prestine care of and even sold a few more through our team.. The Baja 500 running a stock motor... stock exhaust..(that's right) sounded like a sewing machine) started 6th place open pro and finished 6th place after working up the pack, losing some time from a (Dan caused) flat, ..Other than the flat the bike was awesome... The Baja 1000, running Bel Ray again and using No Toil filters, except having Nicoll Racing jet the bike with the FMF exhaust system and taking care of the suspension, the bike worked amazing. We charged the whole race without burning any oil whatsoever and the only issue we had was missing a very important air filter change due to excessive chase traffic. A couple hard dirt diggers, sore bones and a mild concussion I'm very proud to say we finished 4th place in Class with a 3rd in the points series. I am the youngest rider on the team at 37 and still in a cloud of victory realilzing we took a bunch of ol experienced racers and not only proved a stock bike can race not one but 3 major off road races, but come out in one piece and on the podium....I could go on for days but I think you get my emotions.. On a limited (no corporate funding) budget, no Heli for spotting hazards, we accomplished a huge defeat of Baja's interesting terrain.. No Flats, (SLIME) is the Shinizzelll and no broken bike parts...... Thanks for reading my share time..... Dan Walsh - 17X team manager...aka..Dr.Evil
  12. DJWALS

    How to organize a Baja 1000 team?

    pick me.. pick me...ooh ooh.. I'm cheap and will run your team in trade of financially supporting my team... I'll do it all for a small price of HMMM how about $50K... Come on it's pocket change... Please,,,,,,,,
  13. DJWALS

    Handling; KLX450 vs KX450

    We only tried out an FMF system off my KX..with powerbomb header and slip on exhaust. Jetting was the issue at the time becuase it needs lots of air and with the KLX airbox we were having issues getting in dialed in. With only a couple days for testing before the 500 we decided to keep it stock and stealth and it worked out great. If you have a set up to give it more power and keep the sound quite i'm game for that for sure. We are leaving it up to Team Green to give us some support on the best Baja set up. We want more power but want to keep it reliable as well for the 1000. I'll keep you posted when we get more mod work figured out. Dan
  14. DJWALS

    Handling; KLX450 vs KX450

    My 07 KX stock tank i didn't try... but my KX IMS tank with KX shrouds mounts fine. I'm sure the stock KX is fine also but the shrouds on the KLX are different so we ran KX tank and KX shrouds. The stock KX exhaust and header mount on fine as well but you loose some of the bottom end tractable torque on the KLX.. not sure what the best jetting is so far. The upper clamp is slightly different on the KLX so we had to use the stock upper clamp with pro tapers and a Scott's adaptor to run a stabilizer.. when it was done it was super stable at high speeds. With the stock exhaust system and 14-45 gearing I had it up to approx. 105 on the pavement testing for the 500. It took a while to get up to speed but it pulled it... Now we are trying to get all the tips and secrets from Team Green for the Baja 1000... hope this helps...
  15. DJWALS

    Any Fast guys racing the KLX 450?

    Hey all for what it's worth our team rode a stock KLX 450 in the Baja 500. The bike was very competitive even with stock motor - exhaust. We had Nicoll Racing suspension, Pro tapers, stabilizer and IMS tank.. otherwies bone stock. We were running a solid 3rd mixing with Honda 1x, KTM's 7x .. We lost approx. 20 minutes from a rear flat and dropped some postions but worked up to 6th place in class 22.. The bike is awesome and now that we have some time to set it up properly the Baja 1000 this year we will have it all dialed... wish us luck...Bringing the good times back to baja... Dan 6x