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  1. Farnboy_226

    Chinese d/s hostility?

    I couldn’t agree with you more Plus with a 250 ninja and a 88 formula who needs china crap? I'm Still saving money though for a dual sport that’s actually worth a dime kawa,Suzuki,yamaha ect.. by the way I talked to a buddy of mine from work that’s getting into the dealer business he said the bikes cost about $100 to manufacture and $350 or so to ship to the states I’m not sure what brand they are though.
  2. Farnboy_226

    Chinese d/s hostility?

    I’ve seen a Lifan dual sport here in Iowa with 7500 miles on it not kilometers. hell my Geely I bought 2 1/2 years ago when I was 14 it now has 8000 kilometer on the clock witch is about 5000 miles and its taken one hell of a beating all its ever needed is brakes and a CDI, its been dirt ridden, jumped, wrecked and it still keeps going it plus I only paid $425 for it new, the motors on these things seem to be solid its just the crappy bikes they put them on Cheap plastic chity electrical components ect..