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  1. OK, I'm stupid! I knew it had to be a vacuum problem but couldn't figure out why since I checked the hoses a dozen times. Then, a buddy with the identical KLX called and he couldn't understand either. So he asked, "you do have the vacuum hose connected to the valve on the right side of the bike behind the throttle cable?", oh oh. I had the vacuum hose connected to the valve that is about an inch to the right of the choke knob, which obviously, isnt' the vacuum. I swear that's where the hose was attached to. Well, after removing the tank again and hooking up the correct valves the bike runs like a champ. Thanks so much to everyone that has helped, even though I'm a dummy. The KLX/DRZ's are great bikes. Have ridden sand in Florida, 300 mile days to National Forests, and days on MX tracks. Absolutely love it.
  2. OK, I'm back from the garage and tripled check the hoses. I also made sure the gas cap was vented. Then, to check, I disconnected the fuel and vacuum hoses from the carb. Checked to see that no fuel was flowing from run position, then sucked on the vacuum hose and fuel ran fine. Connected everything back up and the bike started but ran rough and then died. So, what now?
  3. I'm back. I went to bed after the post and I had to work today to pay for toys I did attach the vacuum hose, both with new hoses and to the right ports. I'll go out and check after dinner and let you know. I agree, it has to be a vacuum problem, I can't see it being anything else.
  4. I replaced my stock tank with a Clark yesterday. I also replaced the fuel line and vacuum hoses. Bike still won't run. I do get some fuel in the prime position but nothing on run and reserve. What could it be?