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  1. old426guy

    Cylinder wasted...Bore? Resleeve?

    plate it you will be happy
  2. old426guy

    Rate yourself

    5 can ride if you bike is broken
  3. old426guy

    XRL - Y not a LOUD exhaust?

    With 23 years on road bikes, loud pipes to a certin extent are good ,In the woods depending on area can go both ways.I have seen deer and bears when I run quiet pipes, but not so with the FMF. as long as you ride I dont care ether way!!!
  4. I appreciate the feed back! I have used there filters and had good luck. but it was the attitude of the person "TOM" on the phone. The can said nothing about eatting glue of other filters or I would not of purchased it. And he could of sent me a new filter or meet me half way but it was "Its not my problem" Is what I got we all know it does not cost too much to save a customer . but now it will cost them more because I am not going to use there product any longer:prof:
  5. I recently purchaced a can of UNI foam filter cleaner. read the can and cleaned as per instruction.after 3 min. i went to rinse my filter this was the 5th cleaning ,and it fell apart in my hand.so i called uni and asked nicely if they would replace my filter with a uni and they refused.So save five bucks to piss off a customer, ok have it your way...twin air here i come
  6. old426guy

    Christmas present from the wife

    my wife got me a 02 yz426 f that was owned by the most anal son of a &^%$%$#@ I have ever seen I had to ask if it was ever ridden in dirt or ridden at all.hot cam upgrade, hot start button on the bars,all the aluminum goodies possible.fmf exaust.plus blau blau blau. any way no one told me how powerful these bikes are I had an xr 600 r this kills it in quickness but not flat out speed ,I cant imagine a 2007 450
  7. If you tighten your muffler bearings and check the carb belts you will go faster.But put the jokes aside K&N Has a new filter that i felt a slight improvment,then i replaced the exaust w/ fmf power bomb system and went richer 2 jets wow what a differance.
  8. old426guy

    07450f:initial break in period for valves?

    Just checked my 2002 426 with 300 or so hours .they were all with in spec!
  9. old426guy

    rear brake in the air

    I either throttle down for a small change or clutch and tap for a big change
  10. old426guy

    Tacho on an XR?

    I use my ears for a tach and a garmin for speed .but i have found looking down to be harmful or fatal........................................
  11. wow i wish i could ride like that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. old426guy

    need good rear tire

    I recently purchased an 2002 yz426f. love it but it tends to eat rear tires in chunks. i have been told that IRC makes a good tire but not sure. I am in portland so needs to be a good mud tire. was riding XR 600R but the new yamaha seems more powerful.