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  1. How do I go about changing the upper shock bearing? I have never done this before and my manual isn't very descriptive. I guess people are already expected to know how to do this, unfortunately I am unsure and any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much. It is a 2001 cr 250 if it matters.
  2. Not with my dad. He refuses to ride during the summer, but Im always willing to ride no matter how hot it is.
  3. When I was 7 my dad got me on an xr50. That thing put up with everything. It never stopped. I would probably have to try if I wanted to break it. Im pro antistart for kidds(even though im still 14). I think If I started on an electric start, I wouldn't be as good as I am right now. My dad jusat kept saying If I wanted to ride I had to be able to start it by myself. By the time I was twelve I was able to start his ten year old kx 250. I think it helped me in the long run not to have e-start.
  4. Seems like the stoddard area, looks like a blast. Im about to go on my third ride of the season tomorrow in Gorman
  5. If the 250 is working for you, I would stick with it.
  6. Anyone doing the Riders Helping Riders Desert scrambles in Lucerne Thanksgiving weekend? Im gonna go if the people we are going with don't change their mind again to go to Ocotillo (a lot of flip flopping). Im really looking forward to this as it will be my first race and I wanted to see if anyone else is going.
  7. Wow, thats why Im not gonna buy a used 4 stroke. Buy someone elses problem.
  8. In sand keep your butt on the back of your seat to get traction and allow the front wheel to float across the top, if it digs in you're in trouble.
  9. Nice twist haha:lol:
  10. hes got some cahonies for doing that on that bike
  11. I like the bike in the mud.
  12. I think its personal preference. I like using the clutch, that is one of the reasons I ride.
  13. Thats terrible, at least they werent drunk. I saw the same thing at ocotillo wells on powerline road. I hate that road. Those dips are dangerous. People just have to be careful but accidents happen and we cant always avoid them.
  14. Right now I have a 125 but Im gonna get a 250 2st because I ride and race in the desert and I need the power. Im probably a little small for it though. I can handle it in the desert but if I ride some tracks is there anything I should do for my lack of experience on a track and my size? I used to ride tracks a bit on my 85 but I only did it for 1 summer. Any tips?