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  1. Thanks guys. I bought the bike not running, so don't know how it ran before kids put straight gas through it and burned up the crank bearings. 210 main is what the manual calls for, but i'm ready to try going down a couple of sizes since dropping the needle all the way down seemed to help and I didn't have extra jets on hand.
  2. Savage454, Sorry, the manual I have only covers 125-400cc. But if you can find the air screw, most of the old suzooks in this manual are set at 1 1/2 turns out from bottom. If there is more than one screw sticking up through the rubber cover, ( I just don't remember ), the smaller or shorter one will probably be the air screw. Good luck.
  3. I seem to have a lot of Suzuki problems at this time. '95 RM80 - just installed a rod kit, main bearings, seal kit and gasket kit. Good tight piston. Thoroughly cleaned carb with new jets (210m, 30p), and it will not rev out. It idles good and sounds good when given a small amount of throttle, but hits a point where it just starts cutting out, sitting still or riding. It resembles a typical 2-stroke that is "loaded up" and needs to be blown out, but it never clears up. The more throttle, the more it cuts out, but you can hold it wide open and it never tries to rev very high, just sputters but doesn't die. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
  4. I raced a TS 90 with a 100 kit on it in the 70's. Won a lot of races in Texas. Wish I had it now. TC90 will run without a battery, TC185 will Not. Oil tank is fine if it don't leak. Oil pump could go bad , but almost never do (it is under a cover to the right of the front sprocket and it has a bleed screw on it). If I remember right, the large screw sticking up through the rubber is the idle, but I will look at my manual tommorow for all settings, and of course idle has to be set while running. This is a Rotary Valve engine. Behind the carb is a thin metal disc with a notch cut out of it - The rotary valve. Take the carb off again and make sure the DOT on the rotary valve is lined up with the DOT on the gear it slides onto - This could be the problem. The hard black chunks ARE carbon, scrape out what you can with a screwdriver. The brown mix COULD mean a bad crank seal. I will get back to you with what I can find out about carb info.
  5. I have worked on three or more bikes that this happened to in the last three months. There are many possible causes. If it is a 2-stroke, it's even more likely to happen. A ring catching on the edge of a port and chipping ring and/or chipping port. Top OR bottom rod bearing coming apart can still come up through transfer ports. And something also could have come in through the carb.
  6. What could cause my bike to die when given half-throttle or more? It idles ok and accelerates until I hit about half-throttle, then it dies until I let off the gas. It is a '74 TC185 suzuki that I recently bought. Put in new battery to get it running, then new plug, points, condenser, repeatedly cleaned carb, new jets, cleaned air filter, fresh gas, and problem still there. Starts cutting out just before half throttle, and when I give it just a little more gas or up to full throttle, it falls flat on its face - as if no spark or no fuel. (it's a battery ignition with a 12v generator/starter and the system is not charging either). Remember, these run strictly off battery and do not have a typical magneto. Any help out there? Thanks.
  7. Kawasaki

    Does anyone know what other brand atv wheels/takeoffs will fit front and resr of mojave 250. Maybe even going to 12" from 10" stk. Honda, yamaha? I see a lot of takeoffs from those around here. (I know I would have to watch for clearance problems). Thanks for any help.
  8. OK people, I solved at least some of it myself, but could still use help. Put jumper cables from my tractor to the '74 TC cables (with no battery on bike) and there was spark! So, I stuffed the lawnmower battery on the TC (12V) and rode it after giving carb a thorough cleaning. Still don't know if it is charging - think not cause the CHARGE lite is on. Regulator maybe? And Electric start won't turn, the wires were pulled out of the switch and I'm touching them together and just getting a CLICK from the solenoid. Does that mean the solenoid is Good? If so, maybe try new brushes in starter??? Also, bike runs good up to 4000rpm and then sputters out till you back off the throttle. I cleaned the heck out of carb, can my pitted points cause that? Any help out there?
  9. Just got my hands on a TC185 and not getting any spark. I bought a manual ('64-'81 Suzuki singles) on ebay, but it doesn't have a wiring diagram or anything electrical specific to the TC, which is like a white elephant. Can someone hook me up with a diagram or help to trace this down? It lost spark at some point in the hands of the longtime owner, maybe after sitting for years, not sure. There is no battery in it now, and I have cleaned all the rust from connections in generator, ordered new points, and plan on trying a new condenser. Shouldn't it fire with kick start, even with the battery cables just hanging in the air? (I also tried hooking a 10a charger to the cables, got some lights and solenoid clicks with electric start, but no spinning, and no spark with kicker). Thanks.
  10. Thanks so much Davidl9999 and Arnego2, I think I can do those tests, and from what I've already eliminated (plug, coil, carb), it should be stator or cdi according to that manual.
  11. Thanks for all the help and especially the manual. Also, Plug is brown to black, smokes about normal as before. I know it is fuel or spark, and with a brand new carb and stock jetting and settings, that seems to eliminate fuel. Again, I can lay the plug out and one kick gets spark and one or two doesn't. Does that help indicate anything specific? Thanks.
  12. This started happening after several days of riding with the new bore, and these boys ride it hard.
  13. Idle stays pretty consistent. I have a volt meter, but don't really know how to check the stator.
  14. I don't have a manual for this bike, trying to fix it for a friend. Can I test the cdi or stator any way?
  15. It has a brand new(today) stock carb with all factory settings. This problem is why I bought a new one. It now looks like spark comes and goes, laying the plug on the cyl. It is not getting a tight piston so I don't think it's overheating.