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  1. Minime13

    Opinions On Motomaster Flame Rotor

    Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi all Just like to seek your opinions on the Motomaster Flame Rotor "Street Kit" for DRZ E model. What do you guys think of the design? I'm apprehensive about the jaggered edges of the rotor. Let me know if this rotor is good or bad. Thanks!
  3. Minime13

    Talon Hubs

    Thanks everybody!
  4. Minime13

    Talon Hubs

    Anyone can verify?
  5. Minime13

    Talon Hubs

    Hi all Just out of curiosity. Does all the Talon Hubs comes with a serial number? I just realised there are some numbers engraved to my hubs while washing my wheels. Is it a serial number or just a part number? Anyone can confirm this? Cheers!
  6. Minime13

    New DRZ400S too high?

    Hi Greg Thanks for the picture! Now I have a much clearer picture on your bar raiser. Thanks! Jason
  7. Minime13

    New DRZ400S too high?

    Hi Greg That's what I'm thinking of too! I guess I'll be grinding off a few inches of my sidestand. Otherwise the bike will tip over when I lower my suspension with the kuoba links. From the picture, it seems like you have raised the fork tubes about 3 inches! What bar raisers did you use for that? Cheers! Jason
  8. Minime13

    New DRZ400S too high?

    Hi there Just wondering if you have any problems with the sidestand? Do you need to grind it off a few inches? And what's the height for your bar raisers? Cheers!