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  1. FloridaDRZ

    Riding your DRZ near JAX??

    Im in OP as well... where is this oakleaf plantation at?
  2. FloridaDRZ

    Riding your DRZ near JAX??

    Cool, thanks for the ideas. I think im looking for a good "offroad" spot that i can get to with my bike through town. A1A is really nice though!! I want some thing that i can ride into a beach town and then maybe ride along the beach or into the wood on my S. any suggestions??
  3. FloridaDRZ

    Top end rebuild advice?

    well its got almost 11k and it really rattles/knocks on the bottom end, but it doesn't sound like a rod knock. My mechanic says with the drz its most likely two things.... piston getting worn, or the cam chain tensioner... Ive already tried adjusting the tensioner.... and it doesn't help!!
  4. FloridaDRZ

    Top end rebuild advice?

    Should my valves be changed, or even the cam chain/tensioner??
  5. FloridaDRZ

    Riding your DRZ near JAX??

    Im looking for a good scenic maybe beachy ride near jacksonville, fl. I dont have a truck, but I have the S so it cant be too far because the drz seat sucks!! Any good ideas???
  6. FloridaDRZ

    Top end rebuild advice?

    Looks like im gonna have to rebuild my top end soon...its starting to get loud! I have 10,500 miles. I am looking for a little more power, but not have to spend much more than if i put stock parts in. I've been thinkin of doin a 13.5:1 compression replacement for the stock piston. that ones gonna cost me about $15 dollars more. Anything else i should look into???
  7. FloridaDRZ

    another cam chain rattle thread....

    You know, I thought i was the only one with a bi-polar drz... guess not. this is good to know!!!
  8. FloridaDRZ

    FMF or Yosh??

    Thanks for the advice everyone!! I work at a suzuki dealer and went straight to FMF for exhaust. SS Powerbomb, Ti mid pipe, Ti4 can... $360!!!!!!! I haven't bought anything yet but for that price I am leaning to FMF on this one.
  9. FloridaDRZ

    FMF or Yosh??

    for some reason, i cant find the the Ti system anywhere for the "S"
  10. FloridaDRZ

    FMF or Yosh??

    I have an 05S I ride to and from work and go offroad about 4 times a month. Ive been looking at exhausts lately but can't decide on the yosh rs-2 or the fmf w/ powerebomb header!! I want the MOST flowing header out there. I have heard good things about both but which is better? Or is there a more flowing system than these two...maybe pro curcuit??? PLEASE HELP
  11. FloridaDRZ

    Is the XR200 too small?

    no, that wont be too big at all! Maybe too small when she gets used to it. I would look at the xr250 or ttr250, you have more features with more power and those definantly wont be too big for a biginner.
  12. FloridaDRZ

    Dunlop D606??

    well thanks for the info. i ride in sandy terrain mostly (florida). I can get a set of 606's for $150. I am looking for a more aggressive dot front though. The d606 looks almost like a beefed up Trailwing.
  13. FloridaDRZ

    Dunlop D606??

    I have an S model that i ride to work everyday about 1 mi. each way. I trail ride almost every-other weekend. Ive been told the d606 is probobly the best tire for me. it gets good traction and wears well. What does everyone think? Is there a better DS tire that I should consider???
  14. FloridaDRZ

    Baja Design LED question

    You should be able to. i work with a guy with an SM and he has the baja design taillight on it.
  15. FloridaDRZ

    07 Drz ?

    I have a '05 S model myself. The only complaint i have is the choked feeling of the motor, which can be fixed with a "full" system and some jetting. The reason you want to go full instead of a s/o is that the headpipe is the part restricting the flow the most. You would be suprised with the power your able to get out of the stock motor!!