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  1. I did the same thing. I put heli-coils in the cam journals and just used the same bolt. Never had a problem since!!
  2. Your probably out of time now. It was running before you messed with the chain right? So when you took the tensioner off did you role the motor over or some how cause the chain to jump a tooth? take it back apart and make sure your at TDC make sure cams are in right position and count the pins (between the marks on the cam) on the chain I think its like 14 or 15 pins.If you dont have a book I can find out for sure for you. Once all that is done loosen up the tensioner it will adjust itself and there should be no slack. You should be good to go!!
  3. what seems to work best for MX and trail. Up a tooth or down, what seems to work the best with the 4 speed. I have an 06 450, I will be changing spockets soon and just wanted to get some feed back befor I decide thanks.
  4. just stick with the yellow, kick back and start working on that stack of beer you have there
  5. check the float. mine has stuck twice, first open gas just runing out, then went trial riding and it stuck closed and cut out while thottle was wide open
  6. DO NOT TURN MOTOR OVER WITH THE CHAIN LOOSE! I know the book tells you to do this but its a miss print. Doing this will take your bike out of time which is bad news! Put it at TDC loosen then retighten your done
  7. alright, alright I'm OUT
  8. and thats enough dudes in thongs
  9. carleton, you?
  10. I see your just as bad as us guys:thumbsup:
  11. no dont need a thong shot and your right she probably can
  12. WE'RE ALL HOT!!!! I agree there is some thing about a girl that rides
  13. wow I sure am sorry that I upset you ladies, but I was saying she was atractive I was not trying to affend anyone