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  1. I want to buy one for my wife (her 1st bike). I am always freaked out to buy new models. Anyone hear of any bugs or problems???? She rode an 07 TTR-125 and liked it, but I am considering the Kawi.
  2. I have Washougal in my back yard, but would kill to ride Southwick. I ride the dunes a lot, so I would like to see how I would do in the sand!
  3. Sick whips!
  4. WOW I have a new respect for off-road!
  5. Exactly! I starting focusing on holding onto the bars with as little grasp as possible and squeezing with my knees. It cut the cramping in half. When I get tired I grip tighter and the cramping sets in. I am 6'2" 265lbs, so I am sure that size has something to do with it.
  6. Thanks, I will call and get Speed!
  7. Could someone please tell me which network is broadcasting the Supercross series. I miss the ESPN2 days. It seems that I have to call my cable provider and change my package to add whoever is broadcasting Supercross or the Nationals. Maybe it is just me. Motocross is really all I watch, so I don't want to pay for any channels that I don't have to.
  8. That picture of Bubba is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!